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My entry for freethemefriday: 6.30am on the day after the Glastonbury Festival ended, I had hardly slept all weekend and felt exhausted. But then I found this ice-cream seller who was more tired than me. I wish I could claim the reflection of festival-goers leaving was deliberate - it was just a (happy) accident!
This picture was a winner on the Guardian website, this is the great caption they gave to the picture:
Xan Brooks, editor of Guardian Unlimited Film writes ...
Send us a snap slips into the festival spirit this week, donning its metaphorical sandals, firing up a suspiciously pungent cigarette (again metaphorically) and blissing out over this neat little piece of post-Glastonbury reportage. At first glance this could pass for an amiable pop-art collage, with the images of the reflected backpacker and the ice-cream adverts Pritt-Sticked over the figure of the slumbering vendor. However, we prefer to reach for a more prosaically hippy-dippy interpretation (maybe the cigarette has something to do with it).
The snap is not some sly trick of sunlight on glass. It is, instead, a happy summer dream, like an illustration from a kids' fairytale or a counter-culture comic strip. The backpacker and the ice-cream stickers are actually just glimmers in the head of our central subject. Snoozing in his van in the afternoon heat, his dreams are of sugar plums and ice lollies and the days when he was young and footloose, lugging his bedroll from one casual adventure to the next.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 11 2007 22:45 GMT backstreets PRO
Well done , and thank you so much for great information !
Jan 11 2007 22:46 GMT bennystr
Magnificent shot, Congrats!
Jan 11 2007 22:47 GMT brummieboy
Great shot ...
Jan 11 2007 22:51 GMT ranbows
:-))))) !!!!
Jan 11 2007 23:12 GMT jceca PRO
Jan 11 2007 23:19 GMT alhoa
it is a great, shot full of the day -but I have to agree with Rachel about the Guardian Ed!
Jan 12 2007 00:40 GMT Midworlder PRO
What a wonderful capture Thor !! :)))
Jan 12 2007 00:50 GMT jomoud PRO
a great capture
the longer you look at it the more it grabs you
great entry
Jan 12 2007 01:31 GMT PhotoPro PRO
a great capture!!
Jan 12 2007 01:51 GMT ashdad PRO
Fantastic reflection! Absolutely love that description.
Jan 12 2007 07:51 GMT marijke06
extraordinary entry!!
Jan 12 2007 11:41 GMT crucyphot
Great shot !!!!
And bravo to the photographer!!!!
Jan 12 2007 11:47 GMT Scarlett PRO
hihihi !! What a fabulous capture !! Thank you also for explanations ! Great shot and entry ! ;)
Jan 12 2007 12:40 GMT litz
Fantastic foto and information!!!
Jan 12 2007 16:51 GMT SolveigB
Do I know that backpacker?What a happy memory from a very muddy Glastonbury!
Jan 12 2007 17:33 GMT sini
Great catch and entry!!
Jan 12 2007 21:06 GMT Crowy
Totally amazing photo !!
Jan 13 2007 21:47 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 14 2007 21:47 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great shot, and congratulations! It's a warm and friendly photograph well deserved of recognition!
Jan 21 2007 22:11 GMT McSwain
Good image. And nice reflection too. Every picture tells a story. This one tells several storys. Nice.
May 02 2008 18:39 GMT karlbark
Hehehe, nice catch! :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
May 12 2009 12:18 GMT simonwilshaw
Splended capture