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Feral Goat, Valley of the Rocks, Lynton, Devon.

I hate to be personal but these goats certainly smell - you can smell them before you see them!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 09 2011 10:50 GMT CeterusParibus
they do have a certain aroma! .. this one looks different to those I saw a few years back.
Oct 09 2011 11:09 GMT Annamaria
Smelly but looking nice!! ;-))
Oct 09 2011 11:16 GMT sheasoru68
Such a cute little face too,......
Oct 09 2011 12:56 GMT bandsix
Cute goat...glad this isn't smelly vision...wonder who puts the tags in their ears?
Oct 09 2011 14:40 GMT wijnie58
So cute goat, well done!!!!
Oct 09 2011 16:42 GMT elsje323
but looks so cute
Oct 09 2011 16:57 GMT larrybenedict
There are tags on its ears. Do you suppose this is an escaped goat from a farm? I wonder if they smell musky all year or just during mating season.
Oct 09 2011 17:26 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
You're right Larry - whilst the goats are wild in that they are left to their own devices and live outdoors all year they are rounded up once a year and tagged and given a health check. There was a big controversy last year as numbers had grown so high they were 'helping themselves' to local gardens - for a while there was talk of a cull but in the end around 30 were moved to a nature reserve in Surrey where they were needed to control the growing vegetation.
As for the smell the Billy Goats were fighting a lot (see my next picture) - does this mean their mating season was about to start?
Oct 09 2011 17:56 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful photo of this Feral Goat !
Oct 09 2011 19:03 GMT foxhouse
Lovely portrait...great catch :)
Oct 10 2011 00:37 GMT beady
Nice image