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My entry for candyfriday - traditional sweets that look like beach pebbles.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 01 2011 22:22 GMT sini
Great looking candy!:)
Dec 01 2011 22:24 GMT abojovna PRO
Special stone candy! Great entry!
Dec 01 2011 22:24 GMT abojovna PRO
Special stone candy! Great entry!
Dec 01 2011 22:25 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 01 2011 22:37 GMT Icandoit
Great entry
Dec 01 2011 22:59 GMT wijnie58
Funny stone candy entry..:-))
Dec 01 2011 23:04 GMT Pea2007
Interesting candy entry.
I have seen this type of rock before as I have only been used to Blackpool rock ( which I always called Jawbreakers).
Dec 02 2011 02:52 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very appropriate for a geologically minded man
Dec 02 2011 05:05 GMT sider
Interesting candy and great entry. ';))
Dec 02 2011 07:36 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice candy's !!
Dec 02 2011 08:05 GMT Lie
My teeth hurt when I see this, stonecandy...how does it taste ???? Great find and entry :-))
Dec 02 2011 09:33 GMT LizSA
this looks original... pebble sweets.... oh would say sweets .. of toffee... my favourite toffee ... ASDA toffee.. I crave it when we get back home..:(

Oh the pebble sweets..... yes, your pebble beaches.... it makes great memories.
Dec 02 2011 11:16 GMT elsje323
interesting candy entry
Dec 02 2011 14:25 GMT martini957
Cool looking candy...great show of it too
Dec 02 2011 14:58 GMT Annamaria
Something special.... I could fool the kids by buying these...;-)
Dec 02 2011 15:50 GMT EveCN

Dec 02 2011 16:45 GMT jomoud PRO
Can you send me a truck load to try them out??:)
Nice entry for the theme
Have a wonderful weekend my friend
Dec 02 2011 17:00 GMT legs4daze PRO
cool photo and i agree this candy makes my teeth hurt just at the thought of biting into it! jawbreakers ? or are they soft inside?
Dec 02 2011 17:59 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Steph despite appearances they have soft, chocolate centres!
Dec 02 2011 18:33 GMT legs4daze PRO
good then, anything with a soft chocolate center can't be all bad!!!
Dec 02 2011 22:12 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Super duper, haven't seen these in years
Dec 03 2011 11:52 GMT rosyapple PRO
I am sure I have had these before. Are they softish and fruity flavoured?
Dec 03 2011 20:24 GMT yvonNL
special candy