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Evening light on part of the Hurlers Stone Circle, Bodmin Moor.

There are at least 3 stone circles in this group dating back to the late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age (around 1500 BC).

The name 'the Hurlers' dates back to a much later story that the stones are men turned to stone for playing a game of hurling on the Sabbath.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 29 2011 09:51 GMT hans55 PRO
interresting place ... good captured with nice light !!
Jan 29 2011 09:53 GMT sini
Great light and shot!:)
Jan 29 2011 10:29 GMT bandsix
great shot
Jan 29 2011 10:43 GMT abojovna PRO
Very interesting stones and warm evening light!
Jan 29 2011 12:06 GMT Annamaria
Nice place and awesome light, Thor!! ;-))
Jan 29 2011 12:08 GMT sunrise99
great report!
Jan 29 2011 13:45 GMT linnywv PRO
Think of all the people who have passed or touched these! Such a mystical place!
Jan 29 2011 20:07 GMT Lie
Beautiful old stones in the eveninglight, great job !
Jan 30 2011 07:07 GMT martini957
awesome shot & history
Jan 30 2011 10:34 GMT Pea2007
A great insight of english history.
Jan 30 2011 12:19 GMT Jakeobean
Thor...have they ever figured out the purpose of the stones...I heard they made a recent discovery at Stonehenge but never heard any followup on the conclusion...I think it's better to let one's imagination run freely on the purpose.....
Jan 30 2011 22:12 GMT bennystr
Magnificent light!
Jan 31 2011 07:36 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Jake there are a number of theories and it is hard to be absolutely certain of the purpose of stone circles. What is known is that they occur all over Europe and that they aren't all made of stone - some are made of wood (such as Woodhenge) and some similar monuments are marked by banks and ditches.
It is hard to argue against some sort of religious purpose with the stones marking a sacred space. Some stone circles (such as Stonehenge) seem to have links to the calendar (with the sun rising in alignment with a line of stones on certain days each year) - this could easily fit with the religious aspect. Other suggestions have been trading centres (stone circles sometimes occur in neutral areas between tribal territories) but no one is really sure.
Whatever their purpose I just love them!
Jan 31 2011 19:38 GMT lizzieb
I love them too Thor. Great photo of these ones. Personally I like the religious theory - a bit more romantic loll.
Feb 03 2011 09:07 GMT MargNZ
Beautiful evening light and capture Thor . I love a good mystery :)