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Tarr Steps on Exmoor - this simple clapper bridge has crossed the River Barle since at least Medieval times (it may be older) - as you can see the recent floods have washed part of the bridge away. This has happened before (the last time was in 1952) and the stones are numbered sop that the bridge can be re-assembled. What is amazing is that some of the stones weigh almost two tons and the water still washed them downstream.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 06 2013 19:37 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Followed the link. Has the flooding caused all this destruction?
Jan 06 2013 19:37 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Your commentary has just shown up now. thank you :)
Jan 06 2013 19:39 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
No problem. Glad you found it interesting!

Amazing the power of the water!
Jan 06 2013 20:41 GMT Snappa
Was this the Bridge that was in the Newspaper the other day..
Jan 06 2013 21:39 GMT clintonfolks
Jan 06 2013 22:51 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Yes I suspect it was - lots of press coverage.
Jan 06 2013 23:08 GMT Myshots
Wonderful shot and notes..Amazing bridge...
Jan 07 2013 00:22 GMT potterjo
Never underestimate the power of water, so glad someone thought to number the pcs. , hopefully they will be able to make the repairs soon. Will look at the link.
Jan 07 2013 05:34 GMT hans55 PRO
a great picture and interresting info ...the power of water !!
Jan 07 2013 05:48 GMT Annamaria
The strenght of water!! Great to show the old shot too, Thor!! I hope they will rebuild it again!!
Jan 07 2013 18:04 GMT 25barb
I viewed your two previous photos and my what differences. So sorry the damage that has occurred. Hopefully it will be restored to the original soon. It was a fantastic
bridge with much contrast and details..
Superb photo.
Jan 07 2013 18:36 GMT elsje323
beautiful picture that shows us the power of water
Jan 08 2013 03:06 GMT superJoan
Flooding all over has caused so much damage over the past few weeks, but it is nice to know that eventually it will be back to normal again...such a lovely bridge..
Jan 09 2013 08:41 GMT Cronos1
Beautiful image and very interesting explanation !
Jan 12 2013 14:45 GMT biggles
Nice to see the scene not overrun by children, we went there in the summer a few years ago, and it was impossible to avoid the wee buggers getting in the shot.

I'd clone out the parked car though...