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yourfavoritefriday suzannesmash


I have always longed to see the Northern Lights so this gorgeous picture from Suzanne (look at the detail - you can even see the individual stars!) made it to the top of my favourites pile.

See : http://www.fotothing.com/suzannesmash/photo/13cc80471eff2b2285ce6cfa4615edd8/

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Comments on this photo:

May 28 2009 22:03 GMT cdc PRO
great capture
May 28 2009 22:06 GMT Midworlder PRO
A great choice I saw it yesterday in the recently commented !
May 28 2009 22:18 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I remember this one - indeed a great choice!!
May 28 2009 22:42 GMT hans55 PRO
this sure is a fantastic picture !!! ... i have seen this trough the periscope of a submarine once ... long time ago !!!
May 28 2009 23:12 GMT rainbow71
That is amazing.
May 28 2009 23:18 GMT Jolie1981
I would love to see that for real one day!
Great photo!
May 29 2009 02:13 GMT jomoud PRO
Indeed a great choice!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend
May 29 2009 04:44 GMT verarenm
Wonderful choice. This photo of Suzanne is spectacular!
May 29 2009 06:35 GMT MargNZ
What a gem this photo of Suzanne's is ... wonderful choice Thor :)
May 29 2009 08:02 GMT Minz PRO
Wow !
May 29 2009 11:45 GMT ashdad PRO
Great entry! This is a really impressive photo.
May 29 2009 15:15 GMT SIGMUND
amaizing pic!!!!!!!!!!
May 29 2009 15:26 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful choice!!!
Have a beautiful weekend, Thor. :))
May 29 2009 19:22 GMT lynnj04
Stunning choice, have a lovely weekend :-))
May 29 2009 21:40 GMT Koren
great choice - love the northern lights!
May 30 2009 01:18 GMT Milibuh
Yes, you did a great choice...
May 30 2009 18:51 GMT Apus
I have always wanted to see this aspect of nature but I suppose I never will. This is fantastic.
Jun 01 2009 15:57 GMT gigidelalouz
Jun 18 2009 21:32 GMT suzannesmash
NOOOOO..awwww, I didnt see it until now...Ohh, how sweet of You Thor,
I hope you some day very soon will get the chance to see this wonderful
play on the sky...

Thank You.