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My entry for guesswhatfriday : Hopefully this view of a familiar object will have you stumped!

Spoiler Alert: The answer is below - don't look if you want to puzzle it out!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 12 2009 21:56 GMT annieann PRO
great shot .....
Feb 12 2009 22:01 GMT yellowgirl
Is it a person that you can see from the air?
Feb 12 2009 22:04 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Not a person.....
Feb 12 2009 22:04 GMT abojovna PRO
Stuning shot, I thing this is a playground for UFO visitors :-)!
Feb 12 2009 22:07 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Is it that white horse? Can't remember the name of the place.
Feb 12 2009 22:22 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
You're right ForestSpirit!

Here's a link to the whole picture:
It is amazingly hard (if not impossible) to pghotograph from ground level.
Feb 12 2009 22:25 GMT lizzieb
Its the white horse!!! Yay! I knew it.
Feb 12 2009 22:27 GMT gafaway
superb entry and info about it !
Feb 12 2009 22:30 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Ah, glad I got it, although yellowgirl's answer put me on the right track. Thanks for the link with the interesting info!
Feb 12 2009 22:38 GMT MargNZ
I got it also ... great entry and thank you for the link.
These chalk hills are amazing :-)
Feb 12 2009 23:38 GMT LisaSam67
I was close! Here in certain places they will spell out a town's name on a hillside with rocks I'm guessing. You can read them from the road though so this one had me stumped since it was ON the top of the hill haha
Feb 13 2009 00:20 GMT megmet PRO
I got it too!
Feb 13 2009 03:35 GMT jomoud PRO
I had no idea until the answer was revealed:)
Feb 13 2009 09:42 GMT Koren
I think its a chalk carving - either the man on the hill or maybe a horse - we have on near us.
Feb 13 2009 16:35 GMT Cooler PRO
Cool shot and entry ;-)))
Feb 13 2009 19:33 GMT dougrun PRO
Good one, Thor!! Never would have guessed that one!