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Another one from the archive...Pair of standing stones at Lyn Down (above Lynton), North Devon. The coast of South Wales can just be seen in the distance.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 14 2007 21:39 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautifully composed!
Jan 14 2007 21:42 GMT Wildspirit PRO
I wonder what the stones were originally placed there for?
Great perspective!
Jan 14 2007 21:47 GMT bojtorjan
Awesome shot ... I just love it!
Jan 14 2007 21:47 GMT bennystr
Just wonderful!
Jan 14 2007 21:57 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
In answer to your question Wildspirit they are usually thought to be connected with some sort of religion or ritual (as are stone circles) but it is hard to be sure. It is also hard to date them - probably at least 3,500 years old. What is sure is that they were hard work to put up and that they are still beautiful!
Jan 15 2007 07:20 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great info .. After seeing Aotearoa Stonehenge I nabbed my brother in laws book Stonehenge Decoded interesting but of course written from one viewpoint and in the mid 1960's, but definitely interesting about the amount of man hours involved and info about barrows and other circles.
Jan 15 2007 17:43 GMT Dorado
buena . Buena . Buena
Jan 16 2007 11:03 GMT sini
Great depth!!
Jan 17 2007 19:31 GMT Minz PRO
Similar to the one I posted - they are amazing to see.
Excellent photograph.
Jan 18 2007 06:56 GMT NeiK
The composition is very clever in this one! And the colours are beautiful too.
Jan 20 2007 01:43 GMT Poulet PRO
Great perspective !
Very beautiful and calm !!!
Jan 20 2007 12:03 GMT Yermanie
Very good composition. I like the standingstones.
Jan 20 2007 14:16 GMT VandA
Ancient sun dial or celtic bus stop?
Jan 20 2007 16:44 GMT megmet PRO
Great perspective on this!
Mar 25 2007 00:11 GMT karlbark
Nice shot & interesting subject.

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Jan 30 2013 10:56 GMT twsottawan PRO
Were they meant to act as time pieces. Looks to be mid afternoon judging by the colour of the light. I'm petrified by landscapes like this, seems bleak, but still on the green side.