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The first two pictures were taken of Beira, Mozambique in 1975 and the other two pictures taken today (Johan Boer) .. need we say more!!!!!!
Welcome to Independent Africa!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 04 2007 19:18 GMT LizSA
Independent Africa........ and our Game Reserves are open to
the neighbouring countries........!!
Oct 09 2007 13:35 GMT Tekkies
You do not know Africa, do you? Beira is in Mozambique, a neighbouring country of South Africa. 'Apartheid' which you seem to be referring to was not part of their political philosophy. Yet they were [even then] far worse off economically than South Africa with our then political system of Seperate Development for different races, each with their own Geo-political State and leaders. Yet now, after 'Uhuru' Africaand it's African people are far worse off than under 'White' rule. [which, contrary to what you say, providea geographical homeland for each seperate group. Get your facts straight before you flap your gums again please sir.
By the way, how many black people do you reckon will get work as servants or bartenders or cleaners by the tourist offspin of the 'new' 2007 Grande Hotel in Beira? [comparing it to that it 1975 of course....] THINK my friend, T-H-I-N-K ... freedom is not just a word, it should mean food and water too. ... not beggar-status food and aid from the Worlde Bank...
Oct 09 2007 15:44 GMT Tekkies
You do not only show your lack of knowledge but you also seem to suffer from an inferiority complex! Get out of of it man, you really can! Africa need not be the begging bowl of the world as it currently is, really! Take Rhodesia before Mugabe for instance, they exported mieliesand tobacco, can you imagine that! They had surplus money to develop their own infrastructures!! Jee-wiz, hey! And for whithey not being able to look after him/herself in Africa or in any other country in the world ... you are wrong you know, we do go over to other countries and we make it to the top, as diswashers or doctors, at whatever we do. [I see you kep shying away for callingaspade a spade, stop trying to be politically correct, you are one angry blackman, no? Relax your bum man.
Oct 09 2007 16:47 GMT LizSA
Oh...wow.... that is one person that does not know Africa... for sure...!!
In other European Countries...... no we are not dishwashers..... they only
need Skilled people from Africa.......other countries are particular who they
give work visums for.....!!
Dec 28 2007 09:50 GMT Tekkies
Just for the record .... my comments [top] does not refer to comments made by LizSA. It was an answer to a malicious attack made on me by one of the other fotothingers .... who quite interestingly has in the meantime cowardly deleted all evidence of his attack on me...
Apr 10 2010 14:32 GMT Gunship
Ja Tekkies we all know the situation in Africa but the only thing the rest of the world know is the nice things they see in the newspapers and TV but for the last week there has been a lot of bad press about SA.