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Tags door

362 views 2 people's favourite photo

THE ... DOORS :-)))))

Ok ... Last Sunday someone stole all my photographic equipment :-( sniff, sniff ....
I'm running out of pictures .... if the new equipment don't get here soon .... I will have more time to look into your pictures :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 13 2006 16:17 GMT paintpictures
splendid shot...gratulation for this great picture
Dec 13 2006 16:18 GMT Taxonomist
Thank you very much paintpictures :-) I'm glad you like it :-)
Dec 13 2006 16:22 GMT choices
OMG! How did that happen? I'm so very sorry to hear about this! I have no idea how I would react if something like this happened to me. I am so sorry :(
Dec 13 2006 16:45 GMT Bali
oh!!!Thats so bad!!!Great capture!!!
Dec 13 2006 17:05 GMT sini
Beautiful photo!!
Dec 13 2006 17:08 GMT sini
Sorry to hear from your stolen stuff:((((((((((((((( Hope you don't have to wait tooo long!!!
Dec 13 2006 17:09 GMT paintpictures
i don´t like it, i love it
Dec 13 2006 17:51 GMT backstreets PRO
Simple and beautiful...the framing its brilliant !
Dec 13 2006 17:52 GMT Riet
Are you serious? How could that happen? That is awful;!
I would bang myself on the forehead for being so careless to leave my equipment unguarded.....:(((
This photo is wonderful! I love gates, doors, entrances, etc. And the composition is marvelous!
Dec 13 2006 18:08 GMT Tavascarow
I like it
beautiful autumn mists.
Dec 13 2006 18:27 GMT Molivac
Bellísima imagen encuadrada por la cristalera y ese precioso fondo brumoso....
Dec 13 2006 19:54 GMT dolors
Es delicada, bellísima, acogedora....
Dec 13 2006 21:54 GMT merce
opino como dolors y añado que la atmósfera que tiene es muy especial!
Dec 14 2006 01:44 GMT potterjo
Beautiful...I must take time later to go back and look at the fungi shots...
Dec 14 2006 07:41 GMT Taxonomist
I couldn't be more serious dear Riet and NO, I didn't leave the equipment unguarded ... someone entered my home and took it as well as other things. It happens you know?
Dec 14 2006 08:02 GMT Riet
That's even worse! The idea they have been snooping in your home!
Dec 14 2006 09:54 GMT Poulet PRO
So sorry abou that, dear Taxonomist !! :((
Just hope you'll get stgh (or everything) back !!!!
Dec 14 2006 10:11 GMT merce
Ahhhh! This is a tragedy!
Lo siento, amigo, espero que pronto tengas nuevo equipo!
Dec 14 2006 11:01 GMT abojovna PRO
Fantastic light and shadows! Athmospheric shot!
Dec 14 2006 13:36 GMT NeiK
The picture is gorgeous and I'm very very sorry to hear what happened to your camera. One's home is supposed to be a safe place...it must feel horrible when someone burgles it like that. :((
Dec 14 2006 14:05 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Fabulous shot...Very sorry for your lost