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Photos 1831 - 1835 of 1936

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Male stonechat.
I love the way these birds perch on the highest vantage point.
Even though the place they choose to live is exposed heathland.
At the end of the breeding season this twig will probably be bare of bark through his & his mates attendance.
From it he can spot prey. Tempt a mate & see off rivals.
He can spot danger as well, & lead off predators with vivid display.
But he can't protect his nest from man or dog.
Stonechats are a ground nesting bird of which there are many on heathland.
Ground nesting birds are very vulnerable to stray feet & wet noses
Their nests are very well camouflaged which makes them more vulnerable to stray feet.
If you find a nest, not that you should be looking, you should retreat immediately, the way you came & hope that magpies and jays haven't been alerted by your presence.
Don't stop to take a photo.
So during the spring & summer if you are on heathland please stay to the paths & keep your dogs under control.

PS. Heathland is also a great place to find adders.
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Comments on this photo:

May 26 2010 02:47 GMT peterpinhole
Great catch and interesting info.
May 26 2010 04:34 GMT sini
Wonderful capture!:)
May 26 2010 04:43 GMT Annamaria
Great birdie.... I promiss to stay on the path... ;-))
May 26 2010 09:25 GMT ujbanyiv
Wonderful Nature Photo.
Another Masterpiece.
May 26 2010 19:25 GMT abojovna PRO
Bramborníček černohlavý in Czech :-) Thank you for beautiful photo and description !
May 26 2010 20:00 GMT SIGMUND
lovely catch!!!
May 30 2010 11:34 GMT iyerhari
lovely catch and details of infm!
May 31 2010 19:57 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful shot and bird ;-)))
May 31 2010 21:32 GMT Snappa
Really nice and clear Steve.
Jun 01 2010 06:46 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
I've seen some lovely stonechats round here too Steve - usually when I don't have my camera with me though!
Jun 05 2010 22:54 GMT rosyapple PRO
Top advice Steve! Much needed sadly.