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Photos 1756 - 1760 of 1939


One of her brothers.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2010 21:42 GMT poshbird
Wonderful and colourful capture!
Feb 04 2010 21:54 GMT LizSA
beautiful chicken portrait and framed
Feb 05 2010 03:44 GMT doramandragora
A rooster with a lot of work :-)
Feb 05 2010 07:39 GMT Tavascarow
I'm afraid not.
Being as he's a cross breed I wont be using him for breeding as his progeny will be a mixture.
Shame really as he is a handsome chap.
Unfortunately man hasn't been clever enough yet to breed hens that only lay eggs that hatch into hens (females).
The honey bee on the other hand has been doing it for millions of years.
When a queen bee lays an egg she has the ability to either fertilise it or not.
Fertilised eggs will turn into female worker bees or new queens, depending on how they are reared.
If she doesn't fertilise the egg it turns into a drone (male).
It's called parthenogenesis.
Feb 05 2010 10:32 GMT marioalbertina
Wonderful colors ! ! :)
Feb 05 2010 23:56 GMT Cooler PRO
So handsome and colorful ;-)))
Feb 06 2010 08:52 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Thanks for the great picture and explanation of parthenogenesis, my friend.
Feb 07 2010 11:21 GMT doramandragora
Thank you for the revelations about birds and bees.
Apr 11 2010 09:53 GMT ForestSpirit
What a handsome bird!