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Interlude from the birds.
Last night I saw for the first time seven puppies my terrier has fathered.
Four boys & three girls.
They where born on Thursday & at the moment are just little blind nipple magnets. But they have melted my heart.
How I'm supposed to choose one for myself I don't know.
Hopefully later one will make himself known.
First time mum who is a complete natural, didn't mind me taking a few quick photos.

The unknowing father.
Is he in for a suprise in a couple of months!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 27 2010 06:58 GMT lunacrout
Wonderful image - congratulations :))
Apr 27 2010 07:04 GMT senna3
Beautiful, just beautiful!
Apr 27 2010 07:14 GMT sayalio
SWEET!!! :-)
Apr 27 2010 07:18 GMT FRIESIAN
Just amazing!! I saw my Jack Russell Terrier Kyra the first time when she was like this puppy's. She will be 9 now!
Apr 27 2010 07:27 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Gorgeous shot Steve - they look adorable!
Apr 27 2010 08:05 GMT ForestSpirit
Lovely photo - absolutely adorable!
Apr 27 2010 09:30 GMT Annamaria
Hmmm must be very difficult to choose, Steve!! Just wait and have a look if one of them will come to you in a few dyas or so... that will be the one!

Is the mother the same as the one from the other link?? Then she looks a lot like my doggie which isn't a 100% Jack Russell..... ;-))
Apr 27 2010 09:31 GMT Annamaria
Btw. why didn't you see the puppies before yesterday? Did the mother hide them?
Apr 27 2010 09:40 GMT Tavascarow
The mother belongs to some friends of mine.
The dad is mine.
Mum is a smooth coated Jack Russel.
Woody (dad) is a rough coated JR.
The pups will probably be a mixture of both but hard to tell at the moment.
Yes you are right about choosing.
I like it when the dog chooses. I'm sure in a couple of weeks he will make himself known to me. Right now I'd like all of them but I know that would be too much!
Apr 27 2010 11:07 GMT pieter40
a Lovely dogs portrait,seven puppys on the milkbar,NICE.!!!!!!!!
Apr 27 2010 12:25 GMT Annamaria
Okay, now I understand the situation...

You know are woman are: they always want to know everything... hahaha ;-)
Apr 27 2010 12:41 GMT Snappa
Will they all be smooth haired, or is yours a rough?
Apr 27 2010 15:37 GMT junne PRO
outstanding picture ! what an image !
Apr 27 2010 16:25 GMT martini957
So precious...very hard to chose just one...sweet pink noses & paws
Apr 27 2010 16:45 GMT sini
So wonderful!:)
Apr 27 2010 16:57 GMT verarenm
Have you a great choice! All they seem adorable. Great photo!
Apr 27 2010 17:03 GMT Danijela
So very sweet! amazing photo:)
Apr 27 2010 21:17 GMT dougrun PRO
Handsome brood! Good luck choosing just one..
Apr 27 2010 21:42 GMT rosyapple PRO
The little darlings...she looks totally chilled.
Apr 27 2010 22:31 GMT Cooler PRO
Congrats my friend, wonderful shot ;-)))
Jun 08 2011 06:35 GMT bluefam