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Female linnet.
A species on the RSPB red list.
Not as drastic as if it was on the IUCN red list but still a concern.
To be on the RSPB red list the breeding population has had to decline by 50% in the last 25 years.
In the linnets case (& many other farmland species) this has been caused mainly by modern intensive farming methods.
As I live in an area where there is virtually no intensive farming their population here is quite good.
More info on linnet.
More info on IUCN
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 30 2010 07:54 GMT doramandragora
Isn't she looking spectacular! What a beauty! :-)
Apr 30 2010 08:12 GMT sini
Beautiful shot!:)
Apr 30 2010 08:38 GMT bennystr
A beauty!
Apr 30 2010 11:44 GMT hallo
Very proud bird!
Apr 30 2010 13:45 GMT zzzam
Great capture and informative notes!
Apr 30 2010 16:20 GMT iyerhari
lovely catch!
Apr 30 2010 17:50 GMT FRIESIAN
This is a great shot!! Very good!!
Apr 30 2010 19:09 GMT SomersetDreams
Gorgeous linnet..... not very common at all anymore.... :(
Apr 30 2010 19:16 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful shot ;-)))
Apr 30 2010 21:53 GMT sayalio
Fantastic beauty of this work!!!
May 01 2010 05:26 GMT Squirrel PRO
Wonderful bird picture !
May 01 2010 05:46 GMT senna3
Simply beautiful!
May 01 2010 20:38 GMT rosyapple PRO
Makes me see RED to read this! People piss me off!