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Brazil, Ipanema, Post #12

I really miss this place.....
soon I hope......I'll be back.
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Comments on this photo:

May 09 2007 05:12 GMT juanse
I thought it was alki beach in the thumb...wishful thinking....awesome beach... summer is here...
May 09 2007 05:30 GMT 1bebei
..Back to the brown beautifull beach babes!,..you deserve it buddy!
May 09 2007 05:36 GMT TRICKS4U
Juanse, if only Alki looked like this I'd turn into a beach bum....but I have to travel 16 hrs to do so....lol
May 09 2007 05:37 GMT TRICKS4U
Renee, if you and I went down together......it would be a fotothing Frenzy, we'd definitely be Flagged. lol
May 09 2007 05:37 GMT Maurabia
hi, you must have fun there !! my family was there long time ago
May 09 2007 05:39 GMT TRICKS4U
Maurabia, Join Paparazzi and I down there! You'll make us behave.....I"m sure of it.
May 09 2007 05:46 GMT paparazziboy
4 Sure Tricks! Party all the time!, maybe Mandy can keep a Eye on us2!,..:)) ;p, she allway's helped me out of the claws of her mom,..she's a good girl:)))
May 09 2007 05:50 GMT TRICKS4U
I'd be happy with Maurabia, Mandy, Mia, Alison, Saint, Keit, hell, I could go on and on with our friends on here.........how cool would that be? We'd be snapping pics like crazy, and drinking like fish.
May 09 2007 06:04 GMT paparazziboy
That would be extremely cool indeed
May 09 2007 06:14 GMT Mia87
it's awesome!
May 09 2007 06:15 GMT paparazziboy
how late does your flight to Brasil go Mia?
May 09 2007 06:39 GMT Mia87
I don't have a clue P-boy, I'm even not sure about direct flight from here...Guess I'll just keep on walking...I'm in UK at the moment, have to swim a lot now , *puts finger in the ocean* damn , it's still cold ... lol
May 09 2007 14:12 GMT TRICKS4U
May 09 2007 14:56 GMT SlowCheeetah
Gorgeous beach...... I wish I were there...:((
May 09 2007 15:39 GMT TRICKS4U
me too Cheeetah ;)
May 09 2007 15:44 GMT Keitology
whoa :)) that would mean lot of crazy pics :) you would drink I would smoke more often than drink, ok? ;o)
May 09 2007 16:09 GMT TRICKS4U
Okay.....be that way, I can live with it ;)
May 09 2007 16:15 GMT SlowCheeetah
Unfortunately my holidays won't be so sunny :))

May 10 2007 12:02 GMT Elise
This one I need right now......great place:)
May 10 2007 14:44 GMT TRICKS4U
You should definitely be there ;)
May 14 2007 14:25 GMT hbla PRO
sighhh....gorgeous beach...