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I miss summer.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 26 2008 23:59 GMT Carlimauda
me too sweety...great capture here....
Jan 27 2008 00:01 GMT MCCCXIV
not so long to wait until summer is here again... great image Shari, bright and happy, just like you :-)
Jan 27 2008 00:04 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I'm not happy right now Scott...winter gets depressing....I NEED sunshine:-(((
Jan 27 2008 00:04 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya Carla:-)))
Jan 27 2008 00:05 GMT MCCCXIV
i agree, winter isn't necessarily the happiest time... but just think, if this is as bad as it gets, it can only get better :-)
Jan 27 2008 00:07 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I hope so...the greyness is getting to me...I need sunshine......and gummy bears. Yeah:-))))
Jan 27 2008 00:09 GMT MCCCXIV
if there was sunshine all year round, we wouldn't appreciate it as much as we do when it comes... the greyness makes the colour even more special :-)
Jan 27 2008 00:11 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Will you stop making so much sense Scott? I felt like pouting and now I can't...lol:-))
Jan 27 2008 00:12 GMT MCCCXIV
it's just logic Shari... and logic is magic... and what is magic?... it's just logic ;-)
Jan 27 2008 00:13 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...even THAT made sense:-)))
Jan 27 2008 00:17 GMT jceca PRO
beauuuuuuuutiful !!!!
Jan 27 2008 00:21 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you jceca....:-))
Jan 27 2008 00:22 GMT teddybear2
it is summer here Sorry but when you are having summer it will be winter and gloomy here. Even so this sunflower is bright and cheerful. Love it
Jan 27 2008 00:24 GMT Bellavista
Me too...:-)
Jan 27 2008 01:58 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Nice picture. Something to look forward to! Spring is my favorite. Everything is new again. 53 days...but who is counting?
Jan 27 2008 22:50 GMT gwen83
I love this more to.................
Jan 28 2008 06:55 GMT znacke
yes i miss summer too....amazing bright and warm work...
Jan 28 2008 15:50 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
I miss summer too and I love sunflowers
Jan 29 2008 01:51 GMT SunnyRea
I miss it too :(
Jan 29 2008 20:07 GMT JPHarr
So nice a foto!
Jan 30 2008 16:45 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Capture!!!!
Feb 01 2008 16:29 GMT mirandapanda
Me to shari
Jul 06 2009 17:10 GMT stellame
I love this photo...
Jan 10 2011 22:38 GMT WHITEDOVE
I miss summer too, but when you see the sunflower i feel sunny again