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Tags i need sun

1153 views 7 people's favourite photo

Soooo...I'm still sittin' here...in the snow.
Waiting for Saturday.
So I can go play in sunshine and sand.
Go Matttttt!!! (Sorry. Had to add that)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2008 20:30 GMT LisaSam67
you are gonna have so much fun at that race!
yup jealous again! that's one thing i haven't done is see a real race yet
Feb 04 2008 20:32 GMT Sweetoes PRO
You HAVEN'T? Well...we'll just have to fix that when I get there,huh?
Yup. I need to come to Cali and play me thinks:-))
Feb 04 2008 20:43 GMT bazer PRO
Have a great time Sweetoes !!!! ;-];-];-]
Feb 04 2008 20:45 GMT hans55 PRO
i want to play in the snow tooo !!! :-)))
well a nice walk at the beach in the sun is very nice also !! :-)
Feb 04 2008 20:46 GMT Carlimauda
Have fun Shari.....don't forget any PINK
Feb 04 2008 20:46 GMT LisaSam67
yes you do hun!
Feb 04 2008 20:55 GMT LisaSam67
oh and Gary's waiting on an answer on my page..... wants to know what kinda wig you want him to wear haha
Feb 04 2008 20:57 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...a PINK one of course...I'll go tell him:-))
Feb 04 2008 20:59 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I just bought me a pink polka dot bikini Carla...lol:-))
Feb 04 2008 20:59 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Okay hans...you can play in the snow while I go to the beach...YAY!!!
Feb 04 2008 21:00 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks Bazer I will...if Saturday EVER gets here...lol:-))
Feb 04 2008 21:00 GMT soldier
Lovely woman in the snow... great capture!!!!
Feb 04 2008 21:03 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Oh thank you soldier...:-))
Feb 04 2008 21:04 GMT Carlimauda
Feb 04 2008 21:27 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you Magenta...still think the sun and sand is more complimentary..hehe:-))
Feb 04 2008 21:47 GMT MCCCXIV
sun or snow, you still look amazing Shari :-) x
Feb 04 2008 21:50 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you Scott...I prefer sun tho...don't need so many clothes in the sun:-))
Feb 04 2008 21:50 GMT peterheaven
You shine is enough to melt down even the snow in the both pole.Great !
Feb 04 2008 21:52 GMT MCCCXIV
hmmm... yes I can see how that would be a definite advantage ;-)
Feb 04 2008 21:54 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe..thank you hon:-))
Feb 04 2008 21:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yes. A definite advantage Scott...I can show off my tan...ummmm... when I get a real one that is:-))
Feb 04 2008 22:39 GMT mirandapanda
wow that picture is good, I wonder who took it :{)
Feb 04 2008 23:28 GMT MCCCXIV
well, obviously, with all the controversy that's been going on, Magenta and Shari are really the same person and they take each others photos... hmmm, confused now :-S
Feb 04 2008 23:40 GMT mirandapanda
Shari is laughing Scott:-))
Feb 05 2008 02:45 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Be looking for you in the stands! So jealous!!!!! Go Tony. hehehe
Feb 05 2008 03:52 GMT Sweetoes PRO
LOL Scott!
Feb 05 2008 03:53 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...noooooooo...GO MATTTTTTTTT! Yeah.
Feb 05 2008 04:02 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice shot Miranda ... is that the race Scott Dixon is in ?? He will win if he is :-)) SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW MATTTTT
Feb 05 2008 04:29 GMT hbla PRO
wow great shot Miranda!
Feb 05 2008 04:30 GMT hbla PRO
...and that's so much snowwww eek!
Feb 05 2008 08:26 GMT Twiggs
Nice pic
Feb 08 2008 03:10 GMT SunnyRea
Looks like you had fun in the snow :)
Feb 08 2008 22:10 GMT Ruedi PRO
Barbie in the snow....greetings to Ken...lol
Feb 08 2008 22:17 GMT Sweetoes PRO
LOL Ruedi:-))))
Feb 09 2008 04:49 GMT gtc126
WOW you really stand out against that white snow!!!! Beautiful Capture!!!!!!
Feb 09 2008 06:47 GMT Sweetoes PRO
thank you Glen:-))
Feb 25 2008 19:02 GMT Everton1963
great pic !!