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Hot pants! Actually I was trying to get a photo of the fire in the fireplace and 9 yr. old Dakota ran in front of the camera...so this is what I ended up with...he thinks it's totally cool of course...lol
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 12 2007 14:15 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Cool Picture.
Nov 12 2007 14:18 GMT hans55 PRO
playing with fire can be very dangerous !! :-))
Nov 12 2007 14:37 GMT hevychevy PRO
now that is special effects it is cool in a hot sort of way :) LOL
Nov 12 2007 15:29 GMT jamaboop
Accidental photo huh? Wow....this is scary when you first see it - until you read the comments...then not so bad.
Nov 12 2007 15:54 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yeah I know jama...luckily he knows all about fire safety and was reprimanded for running in my house too...especially when we're using the fireplace...I don't want any REAL accidents:-)))
Nov 12 2007 15:58 GMT jenylew
You should enter this photo in the latest competition! :-)
Glad he's not really on fire I was worried when I saw the thumbnail! :-)
Nov 12 2007 16:01 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I'm glad he wasn't too jen...kids are so darn quick sometimes...it scares me...you think I should enter it?
Nov 12 2007 16:17 GMT jenylew
Sorry its the challenge, not the competition. It's "distortion". I don't know, isn't that what this is? Maybe? Unless you have a better entry up and coming - which you probably do cause you're so creative! :0)

OK I have to get back to work...just snuck on for 2 seconds! :-) Or maybe 200! :-) Have a great Monday!
Nov 12 2007 16:23 GMT Cooler PRO
And yes coming from me it's very Cool ;-)
Nov 12 2007 16:24 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hmmmmm...yeah I guess this could be distortion..couldn't it? I'm creative? Okay. Thank you jen...you're such a sweetheart...hehe...now get back to work...lol:-))
Nov 12 2007 16:25 GMT Sweetoes PRO
LOL Cooler...thank you:-))
Nov 12 2007 16:38 GMT LisaSam67
LMAO! jeff and i thought it was chris hahahahaha
this is cool!

tag it bloopers LOL
Nov 12 2007 16:40 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...Chris is ALOT hairier...lol..okay I'll tag it:-))
Nov 12 2007 19:28 GMT danielaaa
nice story! haha very curious photo
Nov 12 2007 21:27 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks hon...yeah me too:-))
Nov 12 2007 21:32 GMT virginiabrill


Probably safer than that time I sprayed my brother with his deoderant and lit him on fire...It was cool....
Nov 12 2007 21:33 GMT Sweetoes PRO
You did THAT? Hehe...glad I wasn't there...lol:-)))
Nov 12 2007 21:39 GMT virginiabrill
Yeah...I actually did it to him in frount of a webcam...Haha...

My friends thought I was da bomb! :P
Nov 14 2007 14:35 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, leave it to a boy to think this is coooooooooool :)

kinda amazing how it turned out!
Nov 15 2007 19:58 GMT gtc126
Cool Capture!!!!
Nov 17 2007 09:59 GMT gwen83
Cool one...............
Nov 21 2007 03:18 GMT Londi PRO
This is hilarious!