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Tags under my tree

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Sittin' under MY tree..well kinda under it...it hangs over the canal and I didn't want to fall thru the ice so I just..
ummmm..leaned a little.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 30 2008 14:42 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Wow Did you just take this picture? It's wonderful. So pretty where you live. We don't have trees like that near me. :)
Jan 30 2008 14:47 GMT Cronos1
Splendid golden light; (how deep is the canal ?)
Jan 30 2008 14:50 GMT Midworlder PRO
Fairy tale feeling
Jan 30 2008 14:51 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Depends where you step..lol..by this tree...maybe 6 ft. or so...the ice is not very stable right now either:-)))
Jan 30 2008 14:52 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I love it here Laura.....all I have to do is step out my front door or walk down the street and there's beauty..:-))
Jan 30 2008 14:53 GMT Sweetoes PRO
And I love fairy tales Mr. M:-))
Jan 30 2008 14:55 GMT ilsoft
great !!!
Jan 30 2008 14:55 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
I would love it there too. It's so peaceful looking too. :)
Jan 30 2008 14:56 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya ilsoft:-)))
Jan 30 2008 14:58 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yeah it's very peaceful...no traffic...no noise...so different from where I was living before...now if I could just have a little more sunshine....:-))
Jan 30 2008 15:13 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Yeah that would be nice. It's winter time so we have to wait until March or even April for so nice sunshine.
Jan 30 2008 15:15 GMT hbla PRO
woahhhhhh the stuff sux but you sure get some gorgeous pics of it Shari!
Jan 30 2008 15:17 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well little girl ... "once upon a time there was a pretty photographer who lived by a canal ..... "
Jan 30 2008 15:20 GMT Sweetoes PRO
And...did she live "happily ever after"?
Jan 30 2008 15:20 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks Heather....are you still grumpy?
Jan 30 2008 15:22 GMT Midworlder PRO
Of course ....
Jan 30 2008 15:24 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yeah Heather !!! This is a fairy tale .. you shouldn't be grumpy here :-)) and stop staring .. I had to put some clothes on :-))

Off to the gym now ... see you all later
Jan 30 2008 15:26 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...Mr. M...have fun:-))
Jan 30 2008 15:30 GMT hbla PRO
well if I could be THERE I'd be happy as a...happy as me in the bahamas!


(still grumpy but coffee's helping :)
Jan 30 2008 15:33 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...I want to go to the bahamas Heather....coffee works too:-))
Jan 30 2008 15:35 GMT scottiep
kool tree shari!
Jan 30 2008 15:40 GMT hbla PRO
ooo yeah! they'll never find us there!
Jan 30 2008 15:48 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...yup! Perfect hiding spot:-)))
Jan 30 2008 15:52 GMT Carlimauda
Aha...your conversation with HEather is going on....LOL.....great mood here Shari!
Jan 30 2008 15:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Sssshhhh...it's a secret conversation Carla...lol...thank ya hon!
Jan 30 2008 16:05 GMT Carlimauda
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....a secret conversation......okay than!
Jan 30 2008 16:50 GMT gtc126
Two Outstanding Winter Capture!!!! Magical!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 30 2008 18:28 GMT YesHello
so very beautiful!!!
Jan 30 2008 20:40 GMT Cooler PRO
So beautiful ;-)))
Jan 30 2008 21:33 GMT MCCCXIV
like a dream Shari... hypnotically beautiful
Jan 30 2008 21:46 GMT Ichthus1968
dreamy and storybook like... well done
Jan 30 2008 22:30 GMT bazer PRO
You Take Fantastic Photos just Beautiful ;-];-];-]v small hugsss and one kiss He He ;-];-];-]
Jan 30 2008 22:31 GMT Phoenix PRO
Such a beautiful picture, adding it to my favorites. Really moving.
Jan 31 2008 00:18 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Another beautiful picture. The golden hue is wonderful!
Jan 31 2008 00:50 GMT hans55 PRO
wowowow ...sooo beautyfull ...somuch better than our grey and rainy winter !!!
Jan 31 2008 14:24 GMT DIGITALOOKING
beautiful shot! i really missed the snow!!!
Jan 31 2008 14:28 GMT Terppa
Really beautiful!!
Jan 31 2008 16:41 GMT hevychevy PRO
great capture Shari great angle and view :-)
Jan 31 2008 18:02 GMT Peixy
Fantastic done!!!
Jan 31 2008 21:54 GMT sene
So beautiful. I love the colors!
Feb 01 2008 11:04 GMT Marttaru
So fairytale like!! Love the colour!!!!
Feb 01 2008 11:33 GMT Firecrest
Beautiful, great work
Feb 01 2008 12:30 GMT Maurabia
Feb 01 2008 15:57 GMT palakol
Lovely Mood.. c",)
Feb 01 2008 16:24 GMT mirandapanda
Feb 01 2008 18:54 GMT CH1988
Beautiful picture!!!
Feb 02 2008 09:20 GMT Maurabia
thanks dear Sweet; happy !!!
Feb 02 2008 17:34 GMT magnus
Feb 03 2008 14:22 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you sweety and you're welcome.Maybe some of these women feel threatened by you...I dunno. I just know it was very wrong! And you are very special too hon:-)))
Feb 03 2008 15:28 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I know that sweety...
And I'm glad you're my friend! Hugggsssss!
Feb 03 2008 17:01 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I hate snow ..but i love this ... glad you are here Shari .. we all need friends at times..
but i hope all gets back to normal here soon... many people here have been through there own hell.. i know i dont need to tell you of all people that after your horrible time last year..but we are here, lets stay here.. friends ..no enemies
peace to all on Sunday
God Bless you as always Shari
Feb 03 2008 17:02 GMT garynumber1cleaner
btw.... fav ;-)
Feb 03 2008 19:13 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Nope. No enemies Gary. I just feel that hurting others just because you're having a rough time is totally uncalled for. Especially purposely. Much too childish. I'm glad you're here too Gary!
Oh and thank you for the fav!
Feb 03 2008 19:40 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Your welcome ... your right, i dont want too see anyone get hurt in anyway, I hope everyone heals and the hurting stops... I could never find a pill strong enough when i was hurting before i came back here... I found good medicine when I returned, in here was better than out there if you know what i mean, .. thats all Shari...
Feb 03 2008 20:59 GMT RoadKingRick
I am insanely and consistently jealous of the photographer's paradise you live in!! Stop it with these magnificent photos!!

-lol jk - awesome as always.
Feb 04 2008 20:31 GMT shantanu
even this is nice
Feb 04 2008 21:26 GMT Bellavista
This is wonderful Shary!
Feb 04 2008 21:28 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya Bella:-))
Feb 05 2008 17:31 GMT Lillianna
Wow, your light is awesome!
Feb 09 2008 19:39 GMT zeem
great shot
Feb 18 2008 16:12 GMT sissi27
what a wonderful pic
Mar 23 2008 06:10 GMT DonnyG
Amazing, the hue is one of a kind. I'll bookmark this one.
Mar 24 2008 15:46 GMT aprillady
Great capture with such nice warm tones. Did you use a filter here?
Mar 26 2008 18:52 GMT nightowl011
it's just stunning photo :) ! I'll add it too my favourites
Mar 28 2008 18:23 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yes...just to warm it a bit hon:-))
Apr 18 2008 21:20 GMT dreamowl
Jun 08 2008 12:13 GMT Everton1963
Nice very nice !!!
Jul 25 2008 20:20 GMT pauli3522
Aug 04 2008 15:58 GMT fb
Simply Fantastic!
Sep 09 2008 04:28 GMT bluefam
Oct 12 2008 20:54 GMT orbanarpad PRO
Very nice!
Oct 23 2008 19:38 GMT serpentsjaws
Incredible. Very nice composition.
Nov 15 2008 19:27 GMT jward
nice photo! i love the yellow hue
Nov 17 2008 01:36 GMT jonzz
Dec 06 2008 05:16 GMT Anailah511
This is Brilliant!!!!!!! How did you take this, its so surreal.
Dec 12 2008 08:25 GMT toshkatakb
Just amazing!!!
Apr 05 2009 11:31 GMT karinmadrid
May 02 2009 07:52 GMT poshbird
A magical scene
Sep 06 2009 13:55 GMT therese48
Great! Nice mood!
Jan 10 2010 03:54 GMT SnapperWap
well nice:)
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Jan 02 2011 15:47 GMT purple09
Great picture..
Apr 17 2011 19:44 GMT steveflydeals
another great one
Apr 20 2011 20:49 GMT jules123 PRO
the tones in this are just beautiful!
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