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Last nite...my daughter,Christy,her husband ,Nick and my grandson Aidan were in a pretty bad car accident involving a drunk driver...luckily they are all okay.....just banged up a bit but the car was totalled. Please don't drink and drive...this little guy could have been killed.
Merry Christmas everyone!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 25 2007 16:54 GMT Midworlder PRO
A timely message, I'm glad everyone is ok ...
Dec 25 2007 16:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Me tooooo...Thank you Mr. M:-)))
Dec 25 2007 18:43 GMT Rasle
Im so glad they are all okay!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Dec 25 2007 18:47 GMT Cronos1
BTW, all the best wishes for you and your family; Again, merry christmas for you, and your beautiful family !!!
Dec 26 2007 02:34 GMT jenylew
Well, proof positive 'tis the season for miracles, my friend.

I am so glad they were all Okay...

Hug em all good and tight, Sweets.! xoxox
Dec 26 2007 02:42 GMT Ichthus1968
so glad to hear the miracle rescue of your family.

and telling people DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Glad your Christmas was safe
Dec 26 2007 03:27 GMT Poulet PRO
So glad to hear all okay!
All my best to you and your family!
Dec 26 2007 05:58 GMT pp11364
Best wishes to you and your family.
Dec 26 2007 08:31 GMT ENZO
lovely children
Dec 26 2007 10:29 GMT Carlimauda
He is a little angel....
Dec 26 2007 11:10 GMT Doody PRO
Wow I am so glad that they are all ok...
Some idiots will never learn, its the same the world over, they think they are invincible - they allways walk away & so many lifes are ruined...
(I hope that you all managed to have a good Christmas despite the idiot)
Dec 26 2007 18:19 GMT Bellavista
People are crazy! I am glad they were all Okay....
Dec 26 2007 20:13 GMT hevychevy PRO
God bless and another Mirical happens glad all are ok cars can be replaced people can not great message Shari and glad your family is ok ( oh yah he has great shoes love the cars charecters :-) LOL )
Dec 26 2007 21:05 GMT luckypenny
Omg, that is so terrible, some people just never care what they can do to others. So glad to hear they are ok, must be pretty shook up though. Best wishes to you and your family, hope you have a better New Year (smiles)
Dec 26 2007 23:24 GMT gtc126
Now that is a Great Expression!!!! Goodlooking Boy!!!!!
Dec 26 2007 23:27 GMT gtc126
That's Awful!!!! Well you can Thank Jesus!!!!! that they did not get hurt!!!! I hope he or she gets taken off the road for along time.
Dec 27 2007 03:21 GMT hbla PRO
oh my gaads...thanking our goodie goodies everyone is okay.
people need to smart up!
Dec 27 2007 03:25 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Was very scary...I'm just happy all is well now...although Aidan is afraid to get in the car now...this too shall pass..thanks everyone:-))
Dec 27 2007 03:27 GMT hbla PRO
poor kiddo :(

tell him I love his cool slippers!
Dec 27 2007 03:29 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Okay I'll tell him...actually my daughter ummm "accidently" bought two different ones...shhhhhh..it's a secret:-)))
Dec 27 2007 03:43 GMT hbla PRO
oh my wow, really? I think they worked out great! lol
kay, I won't say a word ;)
Dec 27 2007 16:18 GMT jceca PRO
awwww .... :(

but i'm glad they are ok ....

happy holidays to all of you !!!!!
Dec 27 2007 16:19 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks jceca...I'm glad they're okay tooooo...and they had a wonderful Christmas thank goodness:-))
Dec 29 2007 03:41 GMT aquiles PRO
LOVELY !!!!!!!!
Dec 30 2007 13:44 GMT gwen83
Very cute boy:)))
Jan 03 2008 15:53 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
He is so cute Shari. I was just reading this one now and I am glad that everyone is ok. My sister was in a car accident too in 2007, her car was messed up but that was it. Luckily she is fine. She sold the car now and has a new one. Hope your holidays were good honey. :)
Jan 03 2008 16:03 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks Laurie...yeah that was scary...glad it's all okay now...but they still need a new car:-(
Jan 03 2008 18:40 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
It's all good. LOL
Feb 01 2008 16:45 GMT mirandapanda
Hi aiden