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Sunshine on the canal...
always makes me
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 09 2008 16:48 GMT SIGMUND
Jan 09 2008 16:49 GMT gentletouch PRO
Very rich colors. Well done, Sweetoes.
Jan 09 2008 16:49 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks Sigmund:-))
Jan 09 2008 16:50 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya sweetie:-))
Jan 09 2008 16:51 GMT Lillianna
Great light in the picture!
Jan 09 2008 16:52 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yup...sunshine is beautiful,huh? Thanks hon:-))
Jan 09 2008 17:05 GMT Cronos1
Fantastic colours !!!!
Jan 09 2008 17:06 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya hon:-))
Jan 09 2008 17:11 GMT Midworlder PRO
I agree very rich in its colours
Jan 09 2008 17:12 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks Mr. M:-))
Jan 09 2008 17:56 GMT MCCCXIV
i'm loving those golds and blues too, really excellent Shari :-)
Jan 09 2008 17:59 GMT LisaSam67
hehehee... i sent you sun and you sent me fog!!! works for me lol
Jan 09 2008 18:00 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya Scott:-))
Jan 09 2008 18:00 GMT Sweetoes PRO
yup. Thank you for the sun Lisa...lol:-))
Jan 09 2008 18:03 GMT LisaSam67
so i guess this settles it..... we are both weather witches hehehehehehehehehee
Jan 09 2008 18:04 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe... I can live with that Lisa...lol:-))
Jan 09 2008 18:07 GMT jceca PRO
amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing !!!!!

heavy fog here, still ..... :(
Jan 09 2008 18:16 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I'm so glad the fog's gone jceca...needed some sunshine...I'll send you some,k?
Jan 09 2008 18:32 GMT charlotte
Jan 09 2008 18:36 GMT jceca PRO
yes, please .....
Jan 09 2008 18:43 GMT peterheaven
Wonderful Swetoes!
Jan 09 2008 19:08 GMT u40
fajne kolorki
Jan 09 2008 19:35 GMT hans55 PRO
and beautyfull colors again !!
Jan 09 2008 19:37 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Wow This is a great picture my friend. :)
Jan 09 2008 19:51 GMT kamilla
Jan 09 2008 20:07 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful image and colors ;-)
Jan 09 2008 20:41 GMT Tully
Amazing pic!
Jan 09 2008 20:41 GMT Firecrest
Verry ritch collors, beautiful picture !!
Jan 09 2008 22:28 GMT Carlimauda
?Beautiful light.....
Jan 09 2008 22:37 GMT happysnapper
Wow what colors or colours as you would say, nice shot!
Jan 09 2008 23:13 GMT beus PRO
Wonderful work!!!!!!!
Jan 10 2008 05:15 GMT gtc126
Outstanding Capture...Beautiful Color...Great Sunlight.........In My Favs.
Jan 10 2008 21:09 GMT jmcdh
Wonderful shot Beautiful colour
Jan 10 2008 21:16 GMT Vasca
Wonderful view!!
Jan 10 2008 22:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO
it melted beautifully!!
Jan 11 2008 18:18 GMT Crowy
WOW !!! wonderful shot.
Jan 12 2008 23:51 GMT marre

very nice
my fav

Jan 24 2008 19:44 GMT Riek
Very good
Feb 14 2008 11:09 GMT Duruk
Feb 18 2008 16:16 GMT sissi27
lovely pic
Feb 21 2008 15:19 GMT CarloDiMarcoberardino
Wonderful and abtractive shot
Mar 13 2008 20:14 GMT glacierman
just gorgeous!
Apr 07 2008 15:52 GMT Godlieb
May 22 2008 22:24 GMT Educando
wowowow..amazing scene
Jun 02 2008 19:39 GMT ganet
Amazing place to live and brilliant photo
Aug 22 2008 09:21 GMT geronimo66
wonderful !
Sep 27 2008 18:18 GMT bazooker
this IS great!
Oct 05 2008 13:00 GMT Keitology
Nov 03 2008 20:59 GMT beachside
Beautiful reflection, the colours are breathe taking!!!
Nov 05 2008 11:18 GMT SaoPaulo
Jul 16 2009 08:08 GMT orbanarpad PRO
WOW very nie colours!
Oct 30 2009 00:15 GMT pauljapan
Like the Colours, Great Shot !!!
Jun 23 2010 19:08 GMT cnthparada
hermosos colores!
Dec 12 2010 19:35 GMT u40
Jan 05 2011 19:35 GMT expressflyer
Outstanding photograph!
Aug 10 2011 19:22 GMT usmanphoto
nice picture
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The Tippi Lace Tote is a handbag with the help of exquisite combination of texture and even croco shoelace.It can be described as study with bright colours in stained, red, and orange, This handbag retails for the purpose of over $150.

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Sure you will have several things to prepare like your wedding gown, wedding shoes as well as the accessories going with your event outfit.All this seems really overwhelming.On the other hand, one thing that you don't want to overlook whatever it takes is that hairstyle for the day.Your hairstyle stands out as the crowning glory of the outfit and the best way to show out of your qualities.Hairstyles are incredibly important and as such a key element ingredient for the wedding preparation.It honestly is not going to matter should you have long, short and medium hair you will find so a number of styles along with options of which with watchful planning it will be possible to discover a wedding hair style that works you flawlessly.

First there are many important things that need be taken into account when picking out the great wedding hairstyle for ones big moment.You want thinking about the immediately after three things when you decide ones own hairstyle.

Sort of Wedding:
First you will want to consider the design and type of the big event.For example for anybody who is having an incredibly formal big event then you'll want to have the updo hairstyle or perhaps a bun.Hair that may be pulled spine tight together with controlled from a bun makes an excellent formal look all of which therefore accompany a basic or classic bridal dress.

Conversely if you might be having a casual beach built wedding on Hawaii and then this proper bun and also pulled reliable and pinned hairstyle will look solution of set.Instead you'll want to wear your hair down not to mention possible take advantage of some curls or simply wave you can sell organic hair a new carefree model and reduce and disappointment look.

So considering the fashion and formality from the wedding is extremely important in finding your wedding hairstyle.

Personalized Characteristics:
There are several personal traits about one that need be taken note before opting for your big day hairstyle.

For occasion Hair period is an important factor.Looking for short scalp wedding hair styles of long hairstyles.Depending on the duration of your hair you'll be forced straight into certain styles so this could be though about before.

The model of you have to deal with is one other characteristic that you should taken into account before picking out your look of your hair.The texture and consistency and consistency of your respective hair might be another essential aspect.For example for those who hair that's thick, full and even difficult to look after then again a mode where you might have pinned the item up are going to be much easier that you can manage.

Bridal gown and veil:
It is very important take note the veil together with headpiece you are wearing the afternoon of wedding ceremony.For example should you have a small-scale tiara or simply crown then you first need a hairstyle that may show that off.Flowers along with pins will also be embellishments for the wedding hair do that you'll want to plan for before you go.

There are several professional wedding and reception hairstylists that will be more then pleased to consult together with you and possibly help generate some ideas of what's going look great with each of your style.The main thing is to be able to plan ahead and obtain in ahead of time.Don't leave the planning of an important hairstyle towards the day for the wedding it really is too significant!
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Although a lot of us find it again embarrassing to speak about colon health it is not necessarily something to stay denial in.Yes it's not at all something a person discuss in dinner but there is not any harm around knowing the basics as it could affect you a day.In fact most Americans at present suffer from some form of colon malady or the other one.

Our colon was created to handle anything between 5 towards 25 lbs .of waste material before starting.But as our nutritional habits not to mention our lifestyle proceeded to go through a significant change much of our colon generally finds them difficult to handle the 'excess baggage'.Before it starts explaining serious problems it is recommended smart to get a lot of our colon removed.This may ensure not a single thing untoward is really because of all of our negligence and we're able to enjoy a healthy and fit body all our life.

The typical prescription with the medical practitioner would be you must eat healthy foods and frequently seek some time in the schedule which you can set away for workout.These might possibly be the best different ways to maintain a healthy colon.While proper eating would mean plenty of fibers plus water so the waste matter makes its way out and the device remains fresh, exercise also helps through good bowel movements not to mention encourages us to get good eating styles.But the drawback with this unique prescription is that you already require a your intestinal tract in suitable condition that can be taken care of simply by following these kinds of suggestions.If a colon has now started to show problems therefore following such steps wouldn't do.And a medical teacher wouldn't assign you laxatives as yet tell you actually generally geared towards eliminating be administered only just before health examinations for example the ultra-sonography and the x-ray.

If you happen to think a colon possesses a severe problem and also are generally constipated or you feel bloated while you can try some of the colon washing herbs.But have tried them moderately like they are particularly potent and the action can be quite prompt.But for the reason that potent these are, they also are loaded with some sever side effects if applied continuously on a considerable stretch of time.Consumption for these products regularly can bring about your organs like failing liver and kidneys remaining harmed.Therefore it is advisable this is not to use them for over a week steadily.
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Spring and early summertime is the most used time designed for weddings.But irrespective of when you plan your ceremony, the stress may be overwhelming! The standard cost to a wedding in america is finished $22, 000.Concerning $7, 630 of this is allocated to the wedding dinner (source:U .s .Wedding Go through, 2002).From maximizing costs for you to angry relatives for the never-ending person list, a marriage brings pressure and frustration for your bride.

Sadly, we usually resort to help binge enjoying and 'comfort foods' for the period of times from stress, which needless to say puts around the pounds and additionally creates extremely stress! "I acquired what size bridal dress?!?!? "

Approximately 7 of all the 10 birdes-to-be crash weight loss plan or starve ahead of their date for your wedding (source:fresnoweddings.net).Real health experts will inform you that crash and burn diets and also starvation diets is the worst thing we can easily do! "If an individual crash-diet, you run the chance of comprising your quality of life...so that your choice of hair, epidermis, nails never look best for your wedding day or with the wedding illustrations or photos.If you desire to lose extra fat before an individual's wedding, choose a balanced choosing plan" (source:Suzanne Henson, coordinator with the University involving Alabama-Birmingham's EatRight Weight loss Program).

So what is considered a blushing bride to accomplish if she's got only five weeks right up until her big event, and the strain is increase faster versus potluck bench at local hall? There is without a doubt hope.....

To start with, start doing exercises now.It really is crunch precious time, and even though the old 30-minutes each and every day, 3 times one week may be employed by most people it's that's doubtful enough to your bride.Shoot for 30-minutes each day, six days weekly.Be sure include things like both aerobic and strength training so you get some muscle group tone if you are burning unwanted weight.

Next, banish most high-fat processed foods from your place.Be robust! You can achieve this! Simply no Twinkies, simply no bacon, simply no chocolate solution pie.Eat a lot of lean health proteins (skinless chicken breast, fish, and so forth.) and even absolutely pig out on fresh home grown vegetables! Drink a lot of water, and in every cases prevent the empty calories located in soda, alcohol understanding that sweet young children juice.

Ultimately, be cautious about the weight-loss 'tricks' that you're going to hear through your girlfriends.There's no magic pill that may make which you size 6 with the wedding, thus don't try out.Don't go without food yourself because that may make one grumpy, allow you to retain unwanted weight, eliminate muscle tissue tone, and also set one up pertaining to failure.Don't tune in to the gossip in regards to the newest 'cabbage diet' or possibly 'grapefruit diet' and 'Hollywood diet'.As an alternative, stick using a balanced diet regime and workouts.....this is definitely the only proven strategy to lose fat and show your ideal.

Two more bits of advice for any bride:Eat lunch the morning of one's wedding daytime - 8 of all the 10 brides to be don't actually eat breakfast (source:fresnoweddings.net) that may only allow you to miserable together with weak within the reception! Above all, remember he knew everything that you seemed like when the guy proposed to you personally, and this individual still offered! He prefers you the method that you are, and every one of these fears in relation to size together with weight can be unfounded in any event!

Loosen up, enjoy your own self, and make the life-style changes that may bring consequences.Have a fantastic wedding!
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The travellers life of Bogota is actually developed from the city center to north.Within the city center remains lots of the history and also the best with cultural attractions that include colonial architectural mastery, museums, theaters, art galleries, concert sites, historic typical monuments and your local library.

First of all, there is mostly a wide assortment of colonial churches much like the Cathedral, La Veracruz, La Candelaria, La Concepcion, La Tercera, La Capilla delete Sagrario, San Diego as well as Santa Barbara and yet visitors have to make sure they you should never miss San francisco bay area for simply being the richest in her category, Santa Clara due to its interior decorating, San Ignacio merit to its substantial naves and San Agustin since it is one of the oldest.

Some other pieces of architectural work round the city are often the National The legislature, Independence Place, House about Narino, Plaza de Bolivar, San francisco Palace, Echeverri Palace, Palace about Justice and additionally Santa Barbara.

There are many museums on the city that's the reason why visitors have to be selective as outlined by their priorities.The most significant are typically the Gold Museum containing more compared with 23, 000 precolonial pieces, the Colonial Adult ed, the Contemporary Art Art gallery, The Indigenous Museum, el Museo de Arte Religioso as well as La Quinta de Bolivar where the private life of Simon Bolivar is recreated.Bogota also has many museums centered on specific themes like urban development, military forces, graphic arts, medicine, etc or possibly people.

In terms of scientific attractions there is three locations visitors should go to.First of all Maloka which is certainly an interactive art gallery with various rooms attracting to have fun with while researching life, biodiversity, the city, the market, technology and the human staying.Then the actual Planetarium just where visitors can attend celestial dome projections, laser projections, telescope observation journeys, astronomy workshops and meetings on distinct topics connected to astronomy.The Botanical backyard Jose Celestino Mutis just where important study, research as well as environmental education takes place.

In terms of nature and additionally recreation Bogota offers an amazing recreational areas system from 4594 amusement parks classified for the reason that regional, metropolitan and community.It additionally counts using alamedas, humid areas as well as hills.Monserrate is the favorite hill for the citizens, it is a pilgrimage sanctuary along with the best view from the city.

The city counts by having a dozen demonstrate scenarios exactly where varied beats, theater, exhibitions and spectacles are hard-wired.Also the city is jam packed with shopping malls, restaurants, bars, cafes, night clubs, etc that make Bogota an exceedingly cosmopolitan area.

When gonna Bogota take your time to explore it plus really know it due to the fact certainly it's a lot to offer you which is a heart warming place you won't forget.
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Precisely how Initially Holy Communions at this moment celebrated in Ireland has altered drastically since 1970s.

Households in Ireland through the 1970s aren't loaded however usually manufactured an attempt to celebrate sizeable occasions along these lines. Boys wore a blazer and limited pants and females wore a brilliant white dress. The communion child felt important on this big event in their lives. The family had lunch inside a neighborhood hotel. Families will not have had the capacity to cover the to enjoy out frequently. This has been this kind of treat in those days that recollections of the meal stayed with people kids for lifelong.

People then went to check out aunts and uncles. The best way points labored at that point was that the relatives gave your youngster a card which contained money. A child acquired a low-priced soda or if they had been very lucky, Coke. Parents got tea and biscuits. Whenever the youngster received their envelope they made a justification to see bathroom, ripped open the envelope and did a quick depend on how much money did the had acquired.

The spiritual side of holy communion day is likely to look at the of this kid. The communion little one felt pretty distinctive tomorrow but not using them to getting a lot of capital, wealthy initially in their lives. Numerous a new bicycle was acquired with communion cash

It is usually fantastic what sort of way holy communion day in Ireland is celebrated has improved. Communion celebrations in Ireland are now like weddings.

Households in Ireland are currently better off financially with no price is spared in celebrating this special household day.
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Did you know that sensitive skin is very common? More than 40% of people say they have it. The causes include age, heredity, gender, and racial differences. The questions below can help you find out if your skin may be sensitive. Of course, a trip to your dermatologist is the best way to find out!

1. Does your skin get extra dry after you wash it with soap?
2. Does your skin get extra oily and break out after you use particular types of moisturizers?

If you answered "yes" to one or both of these questions, you may have sensitive skin.

3. Does your skin get red, itch, burn, or feel "tight" after coming into direct or indirect contact with perfumes and/or particular shampoos, shaving creams, detergents, dish soaps, hair sprays, cleaning products, or deodorants?

Many household and personal products irritate sensitive skin. The fragrances and dyes in just about every household product, and many personal care products, can cause irritation either from direct contact or even from deposits left on your clothes, towels, or bedding. If you have any of the classic signs and symptoms of sensitive skin in Question 3, try to use hypoallergenic products without ingredients known to cause skin reactions.

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