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Yay! I found it...kinda got a little misplaced during my move..very precious to me as it was the last gift I recieved from my best friend Scott before he died 3 years ago..we shared a great fondness for Lord of the Rings.

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 07 2007 21:13 GMT jenylew
He'll always be in your heart and your memories, Sweets. I'm glad you found what you were looking for...;-)
Nov 07 2007 21:15 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks hon...yeah me too..I loved him ya know:-(((
Nov 07 2007 21:20 GMT LisaSam67
that is beautiful!!!!!
Nov 07 2007 21:21 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you Lisa! I cried when he gave it to me...he was such a sweetheart:-))
Nov 07 2007 21:28 GMT megmet PRO
That is so beautiful, I know you will remember each time you look at this piece.....
Nov 07 2007 21:29 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks Meg...yes I will..he was a very special man:-))
Nov 07 2007 22:07 GMT jenylew
Yeah, I know you did, darlin.
I lost a dear friend too, over 15 years ago. The pain does become lesser and lesser, until finally it's just love and memories that remain. Hold on to the memories, that's the best we can do.
Nov 07 2007 22:13 GMT beus PRO
So beautiful!!!
Nov 07 2007 22:42 GMT LisaSam67
ya i bet... hang on to those memories
Nov 07 2007 22:47 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I do that Lisa..I.think of him everyday and SMILE because he would have wanted that..for me to be happy I mean...
Nov 07 2007 23:35 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful ;-)
Nov 08 2007 01:31 GMT jceca PRO
i'm glad you found it too .... :-)
beautiful pic ..
Nov 08 2007 01:51 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks hon:-))
Nov 08 2007 14:46 GMT hbla PRO
wow it's so beautiful! I'm glad you found it :)
Nov 08 2007 14:49 GMT peterpinhole
Wonderful tribute to your friend Scott...well presented.Glad you hadn't lost it!
Nov 09 2007 00:17 GMT hans55 PRO
i can imagine ... i geve my wife the same one !!
Nov 09 2007 15:20 GMT YesHello
beautiful macro!!!
Nov 09 2007 15:22 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thanks hon:-))
Nov 10 2007 00:06 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Jewelery!!!!
Nov 17 2007 10:02 GMT gwen83
That is very sweet of him.................
Nov 17 2007 14:26 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yes Gwen...Scott was a very sweet man:-))