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My back yard is freezing up toooooo....definitely need to get out the skates soon.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 29 2007 13:24 GMT MCCCXIV
wow! beeeeeautiful Shari :-) x
Nov 29 2007 13:51 GMT Kurt
Wow...looks like a wonderful postcard..;-)
Nov 29 2007 13:51 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you Scott...wanna go ice skating?
Nov 29 2007 13:52 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Awwww thanks Kurt:-))
Nov 29 2007 13:52 GMT jenylew
Woo hoo we'll have skating parties at your house too!!!!
Yippeeee I am so excited!!!
Nov 29 2007 13:58 GMT MCCCXIV
yeah, lets go skating... I'm not very good tho, will you catch me if i fall? ;-)
Nov 29 2007 14:01 GMT Sweetoes PRO
YAY!!! And we have a whole lake to skate on jen....and we won't need old Bob's beach parking anymore..we can park on the lake...but not yet,huh?
Nov 29 2007 14:03 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Sure and I'll whirl around toooo...wheeeeeeee...lol:-))
Nov 29 2007 14:04 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Nice Photo.
Nov 29 2007 14:06 GMT MCCCXIV
mmmmm... you'll be a stunning image of grace and beauty Shari :)
Nov 29 2007 14:06 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya Laura:-))
Nov 29 2007 14:09 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe..as long as the ice holds out...brrrr..that would be an awful cold swim,huh Scott?
Nov 29 2007 14:12 GMT MCCCXIV
hmmm... yeah, but a great excuse to dive straight into the hot tub and thaw out, maybe with some alcoholic refreshment to aid the process :-D
Nov 29 2007 14:18 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Nope. No alcohol but hot chocolate is yummy...with lots of whipped cream..yeah:-))
Nov 29 2007 14:19 GMT hevychevy PRO
great color Shari beautiful shot :)
Nov 29 2007 14:19 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank ya Dale:-))
Nov 29 2007 14:24 GMT MCCCXIV
sounds great to me, i'm right there with you ;-)
Nov 29 2007 14:26 GMT hevychevy PRO
you welcome Shari great shots as usuall keep them coming :)
Nov 29 2007 15:59 GMT Midworlder PRO
Beautiful scene
Nov 29 2007 16:16 GMT PhotoPro PRO
oh this is gorgeous!!
Nov 29 2007 16:23 GMT MillReef
Fantastic view. So peaceful !
Nov 29 2007 16:57 GMT hans55 PRO
fantastic foto ... be carefull on the ice !!! :-))
Nov 29 2007 17:30 GMT Richard1250 PRO
Very good capture
Nov 29 2007 22:34 GMT nightowl011
Beautiful photo!:)
Nov 30 2007 04:08 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Shot!!!!!!!
Nov 30 2007 15:38 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful place you have there my friend, and stunning colors ;-)
Nov 30 2007 21:38 GMT gwen83
Beautiful place my friend..............
Dec 03 2007 15:25 GMT hbla PRO
beautiful photo!

does that lake really actuall freeze? wow, THAT's cold!
Dec 03 2007 17:22 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I'm not sure if the entire lake will freeze Heather...depends how cold it stays and for how long but these canals usually freeze up solid enough for skating...brrrrr:-)))
Dec 16 2007 13:36 GMT PhotoPro PRO
a featured photo today - and I'm glad to see it again - a gorgeous photo!!
Dec 18 2007 01:22 GMT bond56
Nice shot
Jan 03 2008 12:30 GMT caferr
nice work...
Jan 07 2008 01:12 GMT Hamin PRO
no wonder it's an F T staff Fav !! Me too ! .......... Manny
Jan 07 2008 19:40 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you Manny:-)))
Jan 11 2008 11:13 GMT erikaluna
great shot :))
Mar 05 2008 15:28 GMT photocharles
congratulations this wonderful pic is in FT featured photo
Mar 06 2008 13:09 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Mar 08 2008 10:24 GMT MOTT
Sweetoes, you've done it again. Another stunning photo!!
Mar 08 2008 10:56 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you sweety:-))
Nov 06 2008 15:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
Don't worry about winter ... it can be beautiful for photos too SEE, you just need "something" to warm you up now and then ;)
Nov 06 2008 15:38 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I need something to warm me up ALL the time Mr. A...lol...like a hot tubby...or..:-))
Nov 06 2008 15:45 GMT Midworlder PRO
I'll bring the bubbles ;)
Nov 06 2008 15:46 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Purple. I want purple bubbles:-))
Nov 06 2008 15:51 GMT Midworlder PRO
I'm sure that can be arranged along with something to blow them away :)
Nov 06 2008 15:59 GMT Sweetoes PRO
LOL...long as it's not cold wind...brrrrr:-)
Nov 06 2008 16:09 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hot breath ??? ;)
Nov 06 2008 16:41 GMT Midworlder PRO
and something to burst the bubbles one by one Ms G ;)
Jan 04 2009 23:10 GMT Mafernandes
very very nice colors!!!
Nov 28 2009 14:41 GMT shellybegood
I keep coming back to this...
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