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Tags yay sunrise

371 views 2 people's favourite photo

Cloudy SunRISE on MY lake.
See I CAN get up early if I want to...lol
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 18 2008 14:36 GMT Poulet PRO
Aug 18 2008 14:37 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you Poulet!
Aug 18 2008 14:43 GMT LisaSam67
Pretty! We had a good one too. I'll put it up!
Aug 18 2008 14:44 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Okay..I'll watch for it...think I'm beginning to like sunrise more and more...so peaceful Lisa:-))
Aug 18 2008 14:50 GMT LisaSam67
It sure is!
Aug 18 2008 14:53 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Except for the giant spiders...yucky.
Aug 18 2008 15:03 GMT Kaska
wow! another one! you girls are early birds... :)
Aug 18 2008 15:04 GMT Sweetoes PRO
We have kids...lol:-))
Aug 18 2008 15:05 GMT Kaska
so do i ;)
but I don't have water nearby for the sunrise/sunset above the water...
Aug 18 2008 15:06 GMT Sweetoes PRO
C'mon over!
You can use mine anytime:-))
Aug 18 2008 15:07 GMT LisaSam67
yup it's the kids' fault Kaska haha

and ya Shari the giant spiders are a bit much lol
thankfully the only one's that make it onto the kayak are daddy long legs

still....... creeps me out when one gets on my toes to say good morning haha
Aug 18 2008 15:08 GMT Kaska
I'd love that... and it's just across the water .. ;)
Aug 18 2008 15:09 GMT Kaska
Lisa, I think the sun gets up a bit earlier here... I get up with my kid when he goes to school and the sun is already high up... another few weeks it will be just in time ..
Aug 18 2008 15:12 GMT sugarandspice
wonderful sunrise....great capture
Aug 18 2008 15:13 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Well there was a huge wolf spider on Chris' ski yesterday..I'm putting it up...didn't want to get really close tho:-O
Aug 18 2008 15:14 GMT LisaSam67
we got up an hour before the bus comes... 6am ish i think
i'm still yawning from it lol

i like it when it comes up a bit later on... although that means summer is over when that happens....

but then we get fall colors....

ok I'm good with that hahahaha
Aug 18 2008 15:17 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I don't want summer to be over.
Fall is cool though.
Aug 18 2008 15:18 GMT LisaSam67
ya i'm torn
i want a bit more summer
we got jilted this year with all the smoke up until two weeks ago :(
feels like we missed summer completely
Aug 18 2008 15:21 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yeah...smoke would definitely ruin it for ya...I'm hoping for waht we had last year...80 degree weather in October was nice:-))
Aug 18 2008 15:31 GMT Kaska
wow! the bus at 7am... that's really early...
I remember in Canada it was picking up my son 8:10... better time for me..
7am is plenty early for me :)
ah... fall colors... hmm.. miss those here...
Aug 18 2008 15:34 GMT iyerhari
Aug 18 2008 16:07 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you!
Aug 18 2008 20:56 GMT Vasca
Very beautiful!!
You know... jceca has "her own" lake too!! hahaha
Aug 18 2008 21:01 GMT MissMurder007
wonderful :)
Aug 19 2008 01:26 GMT martini957
Aug 19 2008 13:59 GMT hbla PRO
gorgeous gorgeous!
Aug 21 2008 14:52 GMT jomoud PRO
Aug 24 2008 03:13 GMT mkris0720
Aug 29 2008 10:05 GMT gtc126
Sensational Sunset!!!!!!!