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Tags wolf spider

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On a slalom ski..
I wasn't going to get ANY closer because yes...they bite.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 18 2008 15:17 GMT LisaSam67
now if that came up to say hi to me on my kayak
i'm quite sure i would dump myself over just to get away from it hahahahaha
Aug 18 2008 15:19 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hah! You should have seen Jim in the water trying to swim away from it with his ski on..this thing was actually as big as my hand. And they can swim...yikes!
Aug 18 2008 15:21 GMT LizSA
nowq here we go again.... we had a big think about spiders over the weekend...:-))
lots of entries... so much so... I went to google and read about the wolf spider..
i.e. also tarantula....... they do come out this time of the year to look for mates...
the male comes out of hiding places looking for a female.... that is why there are so
many of them around... they bite... yes,, very painfull ... but not deadly...!!
beautiful shot.....!!
Aug 18 2008 15:22 GMT LisaSam67
oh my! NO THANKS

oh wait.... we have those things here too!
luckily with the bug spray guy we hired we don't get them in the house anymore

haven't seen any actually outside either

KNOCKING on WOOD big time right now! LOL
Aug 18 2008 15:24 GMT Sweetoes PRO
They need to stay away from me..lol
I know they're not poisonous..but can cause a very painful reaction...my friend's toe turned purple and huge from a bite...it was in her shoe:-O
Aug 18 2008 15:25 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I never see them in the house either Lisa...but they do get in the boat..maybe I should have that sprayed:-))
Aug 18 2008 15:33 GMT sugarandspice
great shot taken from the right angle. great
Aug 18 2008 15:34 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Thank you hon!
Aug 18 2008 15:59 GMT LisaSam67
lol maybe

last year when we moved in there were quite a few encounters with these guys since the house had been empty for almost a year

one night one ran right in front of me on the bedroom doorway

i screamed so loud.... the kids were shocked hahahahahaha
Aug 18 2008 16:04 GMT Sweetoes PRO
But you of course took a picture,huh? lol
Aug 18 2008 16:55 GMT LisaSam67
i think i did
ya i did hahahahaha
it was HUGE though!
Aug 18 2008 16:57 GMT Carlimauda
YIKES!....I poke you with wolf spider....:)
Aug 18 2008 17:15 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Noooooo...no poking with wolf spiders Carla..
*pokes Carla back with wolf spiders*
Aug 18 2008 20:55 GMT Vasca
Aug 19 2008 01:25 GMT martini957
scary...would have seen me running on water
Aug 19 2008 13:58 GMT hbla PRO

*passes out*
Aug 19 2008 13:58 GMT hbla PRO
that's so WRONG! a spider being that big and ooooglie is WRONG!

*passes out again*
Aug 19 2008 14:24 GMT Sweetoes PRO
LOL...especially on MY boat Heather...bad spider!
Aug 20 2008 19:16 GMT ManiacMom PRO
We have those here, too. They are rather large. And they JUMP! That's the scary part. You go to smack them and they JUMP AT you.
Aug 21 2008 14:54 GMT jomoud PRO
Wow, quite a spider!
Aug 21 2008 17:51 GMT Sweetoes PRO
JUMPING Wolf Spiders...yikes!
He didn't jump but he did swim Denise...very well:-O
Aug 21 2008 17:51 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yeah big yucky one,huh?