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Another rainy day?

It's grey and cold and rainy and YUCKEEE outside....C'mon Summer!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 25 2009 15:15 GMT martini957
raining here too.....precious yawning baby
Mar 25 2009 15:17 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yup. She's as bored as I am martini:-O
Mar 25 2009 15:57 GMT hans55 PRO
raining here too !!!! :-( ..... sure is boring !!!
Mar 25 2009 15:59 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Rain rain go away..Sweetoes and Puppygirl want to play:-))
Mar 25 2009 16:28 GMT Minz PRO
With a gorgeous dog like that who cares ....lol
What a real darling of a dog. Great shot.
Mar 25 2009 16:39 GMT Sweetoes PRO
why thank you Minz...I still want to play outside:-))
Mar 25 2009 16:40 GMT jceca PRO
what summer ?? i'd satisfied with spring at first ... temperature is still in minus at nights over here :S

cute your doggie :-)
Mar 25 2009 16:43 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Brrrrr...poor jceca:-)))
Still cold here too but at least MY lake is thawing out:-))
Mar 25 2009 17:02 GMT PhotoPro PRO

Sounds like your weather sux too. Been much warmer then rainy and obnoxious yesterday - today overcast and colder - I lied earlier, if no snow then I'm ready for Spring!!!
Mar 25 2009 19:22 GMT pauli3522
ha ha ha..so cute
Mar 25 2009 23:28 GMT Cooler PRO
Cool and funny shot, he's a real cutie ;-)))
Mar 26 2009 01:17 GMT klemmie01
Soooooooo cute!!! Well behaved? If I could find a job closer to my home (1/2hr drive now), so I could let a dog out on my lunch, we'd think seriously about getting one.
Mar 26 2009 15:15 GMT Sweetoes PRO
She's very well behaved...and fun to have around:-))
Mar 28 2009 21:34 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha, perfect..such a cuuuute puppy..
you got butter now?
Mar 28 2009 23:52 GMT beady
great capture
Mar 29 2009 18:30 GMT dougrun PRO
What a cutie!! SHe is a dead ringer for our dog, Holly!! They are great, huh??
Mar 30 2009 09:45 GMT lizzieb
Beautiful series of a georgeous dog Shari. We sure wouldn't be without our dogs would we!!
Apr 02 2009 10:29 GMT pp11364
Apr 02 2009 17:28 GMT Mia87
Awww adorable little puppy :)
Apr 06 2009 22:40 GMT Jolie1981
Adorable! =)))
Apr 07 2009 02:31 GMT Poulet PRO
How cute!!

It's summer in Thailand but I have rain, strong wind and thunder!!! LOL ;)))
Apr 07 2009 15:24 GMT will
Me feels a bit tired...(nice way of saying please put away the camera now)))
Apr 09 2009 03:53 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Silly puppie!
She's very photogenic ya know Will:-))
Apr 09 2009 12:35 GMT will
Yes, very photogenic no doubt. I love silly pics! :))
Apr 27 2009 21:22 GMT mirandapanda