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Thanks for the cigarrs Carlos.

I had two in a row tonight and one in the bathtub. lol

2 o...

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Thanks for the cigarrs Carlos.

I had two in a row tonight and one in the bathtub. lol

2 ones left.

Trying out things in lowlight, or more..nonlight..

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 17 2007 20:08 GMT YesHello
how does it taste?
Oct 17 2007 20:08 GMT sayalio
Yess, love light is the best I think! :-)
Oct 17 2007 20:09 GMT suzannesmash
I had two in a row, one in the bathtub..lol, so now..hmmm..
lets say, I dont need to smoke for a while..hahaha
Oct 17 2007 20:10 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Hey Suzanne, nice shot!
Oct 17 2007 20:10 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Sayalio, thats what i have...lowlight or nonlight..but i prefer natural daylight..
Oct 17 2007 20:11 GMT niiu
nice !!!!!!!
Oct 17 2007 20:13 GMT suzannesmash
SAM, woohooo I zay, woahahaa wise man..welcome home. Thanks
Oct 17 2007 20:20 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Good to be back!
Oct 17 2007 20:31 GMT Felixthecat
Nice shot Suzanne, I hope you are still living!!!
Oct 17 2007 20:33 GMT suzannesmash
I bet, I did ping haha, you can release now
Oct 17 2007 20:36 GMT fredaFunSite
huh! yes!
i took a shot of marlboro last night!
hopefully i didn't delete it from my memory card..
oh my..i guess..oh my..:(( I deleted the shots!
will take it again next time.
Oct 17 2007 20:39 GMT suzannesmash
i get some real daylight on sunday..lol, then i can practice with coffee shots...
yes, have a smoke..have a cigarr...
Oct 17 2007 20:43 GMT maguzz
that's strong stuff ... *cough-cough-very-rough* ... ;-)
Oct 17 2007 20:44 GMT DIGITALOOKING
Nearly 20 years ago, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reported that tobacco smoking increased risks of cancers of the lung, oral cavity (mouth), pharynx, larynx, oesophagus (squamous-cell carcinoma), pancreas, bladder and renal pelvis (the kidney outlet). Smokers are much more likely to develop these cancers than non-smokers: between 3 times more for pancreas cancer and 20 times more for lung cancer.

It is now established that tobacco smoking also increases by about 2 to 3 times the risk of getting cancers of the nasal cavities (nose), nasal sinuses, oesophagus (adenocarcinoma), stomach, liver, kidney and cervix (neck of the uterus) and developing myeloid leukaemia.
want some more? :)))
Oct 17 2007 20:45 GMT fredaFunSite
that's cool.
I need to submit my assignment tmrw. Haven't printed it yet.
I will try on the smoke.
Oct 17 2007 20:46 GMT suzannesmash
oh i can habla this in my sleap too..and i am a nurse too
Oct 17 2007 20:50 GMT DIGITALOOKING
i was kidding! im smoker too :))) and i love coffee too! hahaha
Oct 17 2007 20:53 GMT suzannesmash
yeah and I am a nurse, how lucky we are...lol, now..have a cigarr and some coffee
Oct 17 2007 21:19 GMT fotocellosdh
Very beautiful photo!!!!!
Oct 17 2007 21:24 GMT sweetjane
hehehehehe great capture!!
Oct 17 2007 21:26 GMT suzannesmash
I know you dont smoke..LOL
Oct 17 2007 21:37 GMT rosyapple PRO
Now that's what i call luxury - a cigar in the bath!
Oct 17 2007 21:38 GMT rosyapple PRO
Also, the photo is fab!
Oct 17 2007 21:50 GMT Nodster
Oct 17 2007 22:46 GMT bennystr
Oct 17 2007 22:57 GMT suzannesmash
Ohh..hahaha, i will try to remember that next time..or we can trade one cigarr
Oct 17 2007 23:28 GMT abojovna PRO
Good shot!
Oct 17 2007 23:35 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Moods....and you are in good mood ...that s good
Oct 17 2007 23:46 GMT LisaSam67
Oct 18 2007 05:38 GMT Kurt
Yup...I always said, that you're a good cigar..;-))))
Oct 20 2007 11:08 GMT Studio88
Cool!!! Lady with a Cigar!!! Bathtubs are a Great place to smoke!!!
Oct 20 2007 17:57 GMT hfil
phe.. i dont't like cigars. but photo is super :)