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Comments on this photo:

Jan 30 2007 20:51 GMT Dorado
>>Subject: 1 de febrer: apagadaEl dia 1 de febrer de 19:55 h. a 20.00 h.
>>proposa apagar totes les llums per a donar-li un respir al planeta (la

>>proposta prové de França). Si la resposta és massiva, l'estalvi
>>pot ser brutal. Només 5 minuts, i a vore que passa. Si si, ja sé que
>>estarem 5 minuts a fosques amb cara de tontos, però recordeu que
>>te molta força i podem fer una cosa gran.I passeu la noticia Apaguemos

>>todo el 1 de febrero de 19:55 a 20:00h El 1 de febrero de 2.007:
>>participad en la más grande movilización de ciudadanos contra el
>>Climático! La Alianza por el Planeta (grupo de asociaciones
>>medioambientales) lanza una llamada simple a todos los ciudadanos, 5
>>minutos de tregua para el planeta: todo el mundo apaga sus velas y
>>el 1 de febrero entre las 19:55 y las 20:00h. No se trata de
economizar 5
>>minutos de electricidad únicamente ese día, pero sí de llamar la
>>de los ciudadanos, de los medios de comunicación y de los que deciden
>>sobre el desperdicio de energía y la urgencia de pasar a la acción! 5

>>minutos de tregua para el planeta: esto no lleva mucho tiempo, no
>>nada y mostrará a los candidatos a las elecciones legislativas de
>>2.007 que el Cambio Climático es un asunto que debe pesar en el debate

>>político. ¿Por qué el 1 de febrero? Ese día saldrá en París, el nuevo
>>informe del grupo de expertos climáticos de las Naciones Unidas. Este
>>evento tendrá lugar en el país vecino: no hay que dejar pasar esta
>>de torcer los proyectos sobre la urgencia de la situación climática

Jan 30 2007 20:51 GMT YesHello
very pretty!
Jan 30 2007 20:53 GMT SimpleMind
ummmm......Dorado seems to have an error on his computer.....I call it cut&paste.....
but okie,.....the pic remains pretty... :)))
Jan 30 2007 20:54 GMT suzannesmash
Well it dosent make any sens to me..lol im sorry
Jan 30 2007 20:56 GMT maguzz
i allready had this on my page ... and deleted it ...
Jan 30 2007 20:56 GMT bazer PRO
you have lovely bones to make such a pritty face nice blk wht but i still like the pollished floor best LOL ;-];-];-]
Jan 30 2007 20:58 GMT suzannesmash
what is it all about?
Jan 30 2007 20:59 GMT suzannesmash
sober as usual?? LOOOOL
Jan 30 2007 20:59 GMT maguzz
that i also would like to know ... ?!?!?
Jan 30 2007 21:01 GMT PJPawel
a wonderful potrait!
Jan 30 2007 21:06 GMT slbp
beautiful lady
Jan 30 2007 21:06 GMT hevychevy PRO
awsome simply awsome profile shot great bone structure and flesh tone in black and white simply awsome :))
Jan 30 2007 21:10 GMT matrixIceman
its actually a message to make a point on the first of february to the World and cut all lights for 5 minutes. Its a form to protest against the waste of Energie in our World...well I guess I need to help him to translate it into english so that a few more People become part of it ;) its from 19:55 to 20:00 if anyone bothers!
Jan 30 2007 21:10 GMT fredaFunSite
what's dorado typed?
I thought it was a long notice.
awesome highkey work su! muuaahhhsss!
Jan 30 2007 21:14 GMT maguzz
thanx matrix-man ...
Jan 30 2007 21:14 GMT colinjones25
Jan 30 2007 21:26 GMT suzannesmash
Yes, its a good thing...I remember that day from last year here in Sweden...
Jan 30 2007 21:26 GMT Archer
Very powerful!
Jan 30 2007 21:27 GMT suzannesmash
Muuuaaahhhsss....love your after shower pics..too!!
Jan 30 2007 21:28 GMT suzannesmash
Heavy overexposed colorpic I turned into b/w and just played a little..
Jan 30 2007 21:31 GMT Archer
Well…how would it look if you played a lot :) Light is awesome here
Jan 30 2007 21:40 GMT brummieboy
It accentuates your lovely face and the lighting is excellent...
Jan 30 2007 22:12 GMT Elise
Great shot sweetie.....nicely done!
Jan 30 2007 22:18 GMT hevychevy PRO
it works thats all that matters :))
Jan 30 2007 22:42 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 30 2007 23:54 GMT bodge
I love these shots, I have to ask do you take them against a black background or is it in the edit?
Jan 31 2007 08:21 GMT sweetjane
hey sweety u always looks stunning......... ..
good morning ..
great song ..
i like the video!!!
Jan 31 2007 08:48 GMT SimpleMind
indeed a great song.... I like it.....vaya con dios!
Jan 31 2007 09:49 GMT VinceHopson1
Jan 31 2007 11:38 GMT MagicBlack
Cool! Good contrasts!

Greetings, Alex
Jan 31 2007 12:34 GMT rhynnligwak
this photo is just Suzzane
lovely one here Su
Jan 31 2007 20:16 GMT handan
amazing you and the song
Jan 31 2007 20:21 GMT suzannesmash
Smashy thanks Purple...youre the king
Feb 01 2007 06:54 GMT juanse
excelente autoretrato....
Feb 01 2007 18:59 GMT happysnapper
nice portrait,super light!
Feb 01 2007 21:46 GMT rosyapple PRO
Hey suzanne - you really are a beauty - such good bones! (facial scaffolding as I call it!)
Feb 02 2007 06:32 GMT Grain
Good strong lighting, strong composition and an effective pose which show off your wonderful bone structure. You pictures have so much variety and cover many things. That is why I keep coming back. :))
Feb 04 2007 16:26 GMT viking2004
GREAT photo
Feb 09 2007 22:47 GMT tadieubone PRO
woooow as usual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 09 2007 23:52 GMT suzannesmash
aaahhhh...looook, thak you aaagain!!
Feb 09 2007 23:52 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks dear friend, i so admire your work.
Nov 06 2007 22:54 GMT Felixthecat
The shadowing is superb here Suz, of course the model to, so one of my favorites...
May 16 2009 18:05 GMT gigidelalouz
Waouwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You is a great photographer and very artistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I talk on MSN with you to learn from you, are you ok?
Aug 11 2010 18:39 GMT ItsCanonKorri
Wow I really like this shot. :)
Great photography work, and great subject to shoot.
Great work. :)