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Sunny70Blairgowrie's Fotothing

Have fabulous relaxing music playing in my computer, watching my wild garden birds feeding on lawn,

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Shrub in my garden !
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 15 2015 12:57 GMT will
Beautiful and nice outside your window im sure
Aug 15 2015 12:59 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Yes I can see this from a window - but it does not last long - the buds are fabulous !
Aug 15 2015 13:19 GMT Lalbabu
Lovely red,you're lucky that you can view these just from your window !!!!
Aug 15 2015 13:37 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
I have a conservatory Lalbabu with roof high windows around, looking out on to my garden and the birds and some of my flowers. I live in my conservatory I might add,
as it gets any sun all day, as it is facing the right way.
Aug 15 2015 14:37 GMT Hanny50
Rhododendron I think, a nice blooming shrub !!
Aug 15 2015 15:24 GMT Papagena
I agree with Hanny !! But why do you name many of your beautiful flowers "shrubs" Fiona ??
Aug 15 2015 15:27 GMT superJoan
What a nice Rhododendron bud.. you certainly have a varied choice of flowers in your garden, and yes it is a shrub....keep posting them Fiona
Aug 15 2015 19:43 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Yes it is a lovely flowering shrub Hanny50 - I really like it !
Aug 15 2015 19:44 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Papagena, cause I cant remember their names !!! ---- hehehe silly old me !
Aug 15 2015 19:46 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Many thanks superJoan - am afraid I am not good at garden flower names, it is so maddening as I love them and love posting them.
Aug 16 2015 10:24 GMT skyball
Very colourful Minz!!..lovely shot!!!!!!.........
Aug 16 2015 11:22 GMT bandsix
The names aren't important on here...it's a visual site:)))) Anyway, there's always someone to tell you if you want to know, so that's a bonus too!
Aug 16 2015 20:30 GMT charlie26
Awesome entry.
Aug 17 2015 09:00 GMT MargNZ
Beautiful red and the water droplets are nice too Minz :)
Aug 17 2015 10:10 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A lovely rhododendron, Fiona. You seem to have quite a few of them.
Aug 19 2015 05:30 GMT gafaway
Lovely with the water droplets and a gorgeous red!
Aug 22 2015 13:13 GMT inna68
i agree with Hanny.....beautiful flöwer......ähm sorry....shrub shot!!!! :-D
Aug 25 2015 12:02 GMT senna3
Splendid close-up, the droplets make it extra special!
Aug 25 2015 20:53 GMT kaka2015
Aug 29 2015 12:36 GMT tegra
This is lovely shade Fiona, and I also enjoy the glossy leaves.
Sep 12 2015 21:30 GMT will
Sep 15 2015 19:10 GMT hallo
Very nice shrub!
Dec 13 2015 18:58 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Have tried to get back in and down load a photograph of one of my Kittens, but had to give up after well over 4 attempts, says my FireFox wont be accepted or something. So it will be interested to see what happens to this comment - All fingers cross folks !!!
Dec 13 2015 19:06 GMT will

Big cat rescue.org
Dec 13 2015 19:09 GMT will
Dec 15 2015 23:31 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Many thanks Will - Great stuff !
Dec 30 2015 11:55 GMT tegra
Do hope to see your kittens eventually Fiona ! A very Happy New Year to you.
Dec 30 2015 21:22 GMT inna68
Hey.. ..we miss you!!!!!
Jan 08 2016 22:42 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
I dont seem to be able to down load a photo any more !
Am not sure if this will down load either.
Just to wish every one a very Happy New Year !
Jan 08 2016 22:43 GMT Sunny70Blairgowrie
Oh well that's a start.
Not sure what is going wrong with the photos.
Jan 10 2016 16:40 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Happy New Year, Fiona! We miss you and your kittens, elephants, etc. and hope you'll manage to start uploading some photos again soon!