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Comments on this photo:

Oct 13 2007 02:11 GMT kkk111
Another fine shot, well composed, but I feel a b&w format would be a better choice.
Oct 13 2007 02:19 GMT StevenF
yea, i have to do more black and while. I'll post some soon.
Oct 13 2007 02:39 GMT Milibuh
Cute ivory kid :)))
Oct 13 2007 06:59 GMT Kickey
Nice pic - I'm jealous of your camera choice ! - (inches from buying a K100 myself)
Oct 13 2007 07:08 GMT StevenF
Which one did you buy?
Oct 13 2007 09:31 GMT soldier
Lovely portrait!
Oct 13 2007 11:44 GMT znacke
Super great portrait....natural
Oct 13 2007 15:29 GMT juanse
very good work...
Oct 13 2007 18:16 GMT Kickey
The guy at the camera store talked me into a D40
Oct 13 2007 18:56 GMT StevenF
Lol you let him talk you into it? When i bought my K100d i didn't like it at first so i exchanged it for the D40, and i also didn't like the d40, so i got the k100d back. I missed the image stabilization. The D40 is too small i think, the K100d seems more advanced.
Oct 13 2007 19:34 GMT Kickey
Hehehe yea - I let him talk me into it ! Something about name brands and this sort of nonsense. But now that I'm comfortable with it I don't have too much buyers remorse !!! I'm thinking about buying a lens with vibration reduction soon , It's not image stabilization but hopefull it will do ! That k100 really is a nice camera - every review I read for the camera - the reviewer was shocked at the value and proformance of this camera. Also - I just noticed That was shot a 800 ISO -That's quite a camera proformance !!!
Oct 13 2007 20:44 GMT StevenF
I'm thinking about buying a Sigma 70-300mm lens soon too. but they're both good cameras, sometimes big brand names aren't the best, but you can go wrong with ether camera.
Oct 13 2007 20:50 GMT micati
Very good portrait as always...:)))
Oct 13 2007 20:50 GMT StevenF
Thanks micati!