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VW Vanfest camper showground

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Excuse rubbishy on-the-move snapshots, but this is for Sketty.

We passed the Three Counties Showground on Saturday and again on Sunday afternoon where the VW "Vanfest" was being held.

Our rough estimate based on our best guesses at van density and area covered, corroborated by the number of vans on the road seen in 10 minutes x period of time in which they were all trying to leave x number of roads leading away from the showground gives us a rough count of 6,000+ VW vans all in one place at one time!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2007 15:32 GMT Sheila PRO
And yes, it was as chaotic as it sounds - thank goodness we were travelling in the opposite direction!
Sep 10 2007 16:21 GMT charlotte
Sep 10 2007 17:19 GMT Sketty PRO
Ahhhh, I love the VW shows at the 3 counties showground. I have, for some reason, become obsessed with having one of these campers and have started up my own little fund. Unfortunately I've only got about 30 in it. At this rate it'll take me the rest of my life to pull together the rest of the dosh :(
Sep 10 2007 22:09 GMT Steve PRO
Time to make a concerted effort along with your new job maybe?
Sep 10 2007 23:10 GMT Phoenix PRO
Fab VDubs. Only bugs and vans have this sort of charm.....
Sep 11 2007 01:58 GMT ashdad PRO
Must have been a beautiful sight!
Sep 11 2007 02:03 GMT jackbadger56
LOL love the comments ;-)
Is this in the UK? I want a very early van, two-tone Aquamarine and white, with split / pop-out windcreens and Fuchs wheels...............but that Jamie Oliver beat me to it ;-(
Sep 11 2007 06:08 GMT grimp PRO
I like the two on the left.
Sep 11 2007 07:36 GMT Steve PRO
Jack - this is in Worcester, central England - obviously right near where we live.

Here are a few picures from last year's event. http://www.vanfest.org/2006_main.asp Dubtless there will be many of this year's shortly.
Sep 12 2007 17:01 GMT seemolf
6000?? This is amazing!
I have heard that there are only 3999 (and mine!) left in Germany.
My bus should visit your "continent" again...
Thanks for the link.
Sep 12 2007 17:04 GMT Steve PRO
Well, 6,000 was our estimate, but I don't think we were too far out - there were plenty of them anway. It is supposed to be the largest VW Vanfest in Europe.
Sep 12 2007 17:06 GMT Steve PRO
Aha - I just searched through the website properly. I quote:

"VANFEST has grown to become the biggest VW Transporter event in the world attracting over 5000 vehicles over the weekend. The next show will held at the Three Counties Showground over the weekend of 12-13-14 September 2008."
Sep 12 2007 17:15 GMT seemolf
Sep 27 2007 12:18 GMT Steve PRO
That's AWFUL! ;-) Heehee
Sep 15 2009 11:55 GMT Pam
When we were on our way to the concert on Sunday we saw so many of these; they must have been leaving this year's vanfest which had been on all weekend.

Now I know where this came from! http://www.fotothing.com/Pam/photo/7671492c748c91cc30c3771f5eb46f54/ (NB this is a photo that I took of a photo in the front of a VW campervan that we'd seen at a car rally in Coventry. Only now, having browsed the Vanfest website have I realised that they were spelling out the name VANFEST.)