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We have these delightful pieces of artwork in our home. They were made by Cory Chalmers or 'Curves' as he is known here on Fotothing.

He has sent so many people, in so many places across the World, examples of his work; not with any idea of payment, but because he was generous enough to share the art he created with people he would never meet.

We hear Cory died two days ago, on the 26th March 2009.

He generated huge respect and genuine affection in those he touched. We are honoured to have known him. Even at the distance between us, we felt we got to know him - just a little.

It is true to say we will miss him. I personally, will miss his frequent admonitions to "Give Sheila a pinch"!

Sheila and I cannot image how his partner, Jan, must be coping or feeling, but our hearts go out to you, Jan. You may find some small comfort in this - because of the uniqueness of your man, your grief is shared in some small way by so many others all over the world; you can be sure these people are thinking of you, too, today and will be into the future. Cory's art is a permanent reminder of you both in our homes.

The world is now a slightly poorer place - one of the great artist-eccentrics (and that's a compliment) has left us.


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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2009 10:46 GMT marijke06
true words....
Mar 28 2009 12:18 GMT Pam
This is a lovely tribute Steve. I've often heard/ seen your mentions of curves, and felt I knew him in a way.

Mar 28 2009 15:24 GMT Jagged PRO
That's awful news. I'm truly sorry to hear that. I treasure the pieces he sent me and shall miss him, a genuine free spirit.
Mar 28 2009 16:16 GMT ashdad PRO
A wonderful tribute to a truly great human being.
Mar 28 2009 19:13 GMT fhelsing PRO
all of those treasures ... beautiful!
Mar 29 2009 04:50 GMT hbla PRO
he was such an amazing artist!

Mar 29 2009 08:46 GMT simon PRO
I'm also lucky enough to have received one of Cory's pieces. He struck me as a lovely man. What a sad piece of news.
Mar 29 2009 21:51 GMT styxpix
Well said Steve. I think of him when I see lovely shaped trees...
Apr 01 2009 16:57 GMT jomoud PRO
A fitting and heartfelt tribute Steve.
We will miss Cory but will not forget him or his wonderful creations.
Apr 03 2009 23:02 GMT Kaska
I wouldn't be able to express it better....
Apr 05 2009 05:29 GMT qpidoremix
beautiful tribute steve!
Apr 05 2009 09:14 GMT montello
Apr 09 2009 06:18 GMT blue
what wonderful words...i also am a keeper of a box...and was lucky enough to meet the man behind the creattivity...he was as magical in real time as he was here...i hold him in my heart.
Aug 26 2009 08:19 GMT charlotte
such true words...wonderfully said....we have his work here for us to see every day too...what a man...