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"...pleased to meet you,
hope you guessed my name..."
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 19 2006 16:14 GMT Holdrioo
Yassu Stavros

Thanks for Your nice Words. I like the Way of Your Photos very much.
The Pics with the Sea on it. Where they've been taken ? From the Mainland of Greece or from one of the beautiful Islands in the Agais ?

Haven't been in Greece for a long long time. Hope it will be possible this Year.

I'm looking forward for the next of Your Photos

Best wishes to Ellada

Jan 19 2006 16:18 GMT moniqpl
Hi Stavros :-) it's nice to see you :))
Jan 19 2006 16:20 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I never would have guessed you were this handsome!
Talent, brains and looks.... we're in a minority aren't we?

(add the tag "fotothingers" to your tags and you'll be listed with a bunch of us)
Jan 19 2006 16:22 GMT hokomoko
Hi Stavros I really glad to see you...:)
Jan 19 2006 16:22 GMT StavrosMoforis
Yassu Stephanos
Thank you for loving Greece
My fotos are not from an island, they are from Attiki, Lagonisi 40 Km from Athens.
best wishes to you
Jan 19 2006 16:24 GMT StavrosMoforis
thanks for the tag tip, Bill!...and the kind words too!
Jan 19 2006 16:30 GMT callista
Ravie de faire votre connaissance :)
Jan 19 2006 16:34 GMT jceca PRO
Jan 19 2006 16:44 GMT Satto
"Hej p dej!" Hallo Stavros...nice to see you and all your lovley photos...:-)
You are a great source of inspiration for me in my photodevelopment..:-)
Thanks for all your nice and kind comments...:-)
Nice to meet you too...:-)
Jan 19 2006 16:47 GMT cafe505
heyy its youuu
Jan 19 2006 16:56 GMT lieke
Hi Stavros.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( eh...please to meet you hope y.......heee....a rolling stones songline......haha....)
Jan 19 2006 16:57 GMT Mia87
So this is the master of photography...:)Nice portrait and pleased to meet you ,too:)
Jan 19 2006 17:04 GMT lizkasper
Nice to meet you, Stavros!
Jan 19 2006 17:09 GMT bennystr
Hi Stavros,
I'm pleased to meet you too! Great pic BTW.
Jan 19 2006 17:23 GMT Milibuh
A great and handsome greek...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 19 2006 17:28 GMT hallo
"Kalimera" You know what I mean! or is it Kalispera!
Jan 19 2006 17:33 GMT nimbus
γειά σου Σταύρο..
nice to meet you too!
Jan 19 2006 17:55 GMT WeirdMika
hell-o :)
finally i see your face ;)
Jan 19 2006 17:59 GMT nimbus
γειά σου Σταύρο..
nice to meet you too!
Jan 19 2006 18:50 GMT korni
extraordinary portrait!
Jan 19 2006 18:51 GMT fawn
Hi Stavros! It's very nice to " meet" you :)
Jan 19 2006 18:52 GMT diablesse
buongiorno Stavros! nice to see You my dear!!!
Jan 19 2006 19:09 GMT ashtricky
SALUDO! means salute.

pleased to see a face in front of your camera.
Jan 19 2006 19:23 GMT grenthal
It's so nice to see you!!!
Jan 19 2006 19:43 GMT Kriszti
whao ! didn't see this coming .. Very nice to meet you,too :))
Jan 19 2006 20:23 GMT Riet
Hello, Stavros! So nice to see your face!
Jan 19 2006 21:14 GMT marijke06
did you tell me your name before?...:))) Let me think about it Stavros...;)
Jan 20 2006 03:07 GMT Poulet PRO
Hi, Dear Stavros!!!
It's my GREAT pleasure to see you. !!! :))))
Jan 20 2006 14:00 GMT reynena
pleased to meet you!
Jan 20 2006 14:12 GMT jeck
hI Stavros...
nice to meet and see you...
Jan 20 2006 16:53 GMT dega25
so pleased to meet you too..............hope some day in real life !
Jan 20 2006 18:36 GMT StavrosMoforis
very pleasant surprise your greek, dearest!
Jan 20 2006 18:40 GMT StavrosMoforis
qpidoremix: I never thought so many (relatively speaking) of my fotothinger friends were speaking greek, even a little! It's a great honour, qp! Ευχαριστώ πολύ!
Jan 20 2006 21:22 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 21 2006 11:12 GMT glassica
Hello Stavros!!! Nice to meet you!!!
Jan 21 2006 16:28 GMT Olympe1961
Nice to meet your Stavros : heureuse de faire votre connaissance... you like reading I see ! So do I
Jan 22 2006 00:44 GMT MoonDew
Yassu Stavros. You are as handsome and characterful as your photos.
Jan 22 2006 01:43 GMT lumaciel
Please to meet you
Im happy to see you again.
Jan 22 2006 15:29 GMT PennyLane PRO
so nice to meet you, too! and to see you!
Jan 23 2006 21:35 GMT charlotte
you look nice!!!!
Jan 24 2006 15:20 GMT Chevalier
Nice to meet you Stavros!
Jan 25 2006 00:34 GMT jomoud PRO
Hello Stavros:
Nice to be able to put a face to one of my friends:):)
Looking forward to many more of your spectacular photo's
Jan 25 2006 02:47 GMT kraj
Nice to meet you Stavros!
Your photos are very nice like to see more .......
Jan 25 2006 22:56 GMT nicoalfredo
NICE TO MEET YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 26 2006 13:21 GMT will
But, what's puzzling me is the nature of your game...!! hehe...Nice self-portrait Mick!!!!! hehe... I mean Stavros...!!
Mar 10 2006 18:22 GMT fredaH
I'm very please to meet u Stavros!!...I may go to gGeece for holiday this year (2006)
Mar 10 2006 18:36 GMT StavrosMoforis
Oh, that's wonderful! Let me know if you do! I'd love to meet you!
Mar 16 2006 13:26 GMT evelinzee
Sure! ...pleased to meet you too, Stavros!
Mar 26 2006 18:09 GMT onichek
It's only now that I see this, but... nice to meet you!
Apr 10 2006 21:51 GMT iinesb
Hi handsome!
Apr 11 2006 12:10 GMT StavrosMoforis
Apr 25 2006 19:47 GMT Nespolo
nice to meet you stavros !!!
Jun 04 2006 12:28 GMT SpecialHeart69
So nice to see you!
Mar 20 2007 22:06 GMT happysnapper
Nice to see you too!
Jan 01 2008 00:20 GMT Maurabia
nice to meet you, kali........, well , nice to see the man with great humour !! and nice pics
Jan 10 2011 18:32 GMT qpidoremix
ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος :)