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color mix
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 27 2005 11:44 GMT jceca PRO
what a colors!
Oct 27 2005 11:53 GMT callista
beautiful !
Oct 27 2005 12:26 GMT Joy34 PRO
lovely. Joy
Oct 27 2005 12:42 GMT hallo
Very colorful a true mix
Oct 27 2005 13:15 GMT satomi
wow! so beautiful!!
Oct 27 2005 13:54 GMT santolina
byzantine mozaics. the mou les m'ahapas, i have a terrific shot, or even 2 of them! of this famous hybride of a hedgehog and a python: barb wire/etc, like at this shot. we have nothing to loose or divide,let's combine and make a collage or a joint series/project, idea? still, if u r unwilling which i also accept and respect i could show them 2 u cuz they r So Very Telling!!!!!! :))) m'ahapas kai s'ahapo
Oct 27 2005 14:22 GMT Aurelie444
amazing beautiful!
Oct 27 2005 14:23 GMT aquiles PRO
...muy bello vitral de flores !
...a very beautiful flowers´ stained-glass window.

(you´re right: those are different kind of "flowers" yet I don´t agree with you since I´m afraid they do not "match together".... in real life). regards, dear amigo.
Oct 27 2005 14:27 GMT starlightfish
interesting mix!
Oct 27 2005 15:30 GMT Askim
really fab!!!!!!!
Oct 27 2005 16:15 GMT StavrosMoforis
aquiles: whatever you say amigo! you know better, I'm sure!
Oct 27 2005 16:18 GMT StavrosMoforis
santolina: I think it's an interesting idea, I just don't know how it can be materialized! any hints?
Oct 27 2005 16:20 GMT lieke
yep....still liking it a lot....splendid
Oct 27 2005 16:34 GMT santolina
Kurie mou, since my letter quota for today is full I have to answer here :) #16 features a coiled fence at the background, it looks greenish.
one more of my friends, will, had his dog, bear by name, tied by some sadists to a fence an it was injured, so will is ready to join us :) his story is on this site, too.
we could open as a group a FREE site or join here on this site colectively as a group tackling 1 subject, like painters and musicians do it.
we could copyright our pics for strangers and keep them open, or also copyrighted for each other, as everybody would like to decide :)
or any other ideas welcome!
;)) zoi horis ahapi then inai to zoi :)
Oct 27 2005 17:04 GMT Satto
This is very beautiful, sharp and nice colours :-)
Oct 27 2005 23:41 GMT lumaciel
this is my favor
joy to see.
Oct 28 2005 00:26 GMT Poulet PRO
fabulous! :))
Oct 28 2005 05:25 GMT Glo
Oct 30 2005 18:40 GMT MoonDew