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sea sky beach blue rocks Greece kakithalassa


A new beach, not so far from the other one, about 35 Km North-East.
I was there on Saturday so I thought it'd be a good idea to take some pics, specialy for those of you who ...can't wait till summer! (Ceca, Fey and the rest of the "crazy girls", THEY know who I mean!)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 03 2006 14:49 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Beautiful shot!
Apr 03 2006 14:53 GMT fey
Hi Stavros....

Another Fabulous image and a romantic solitary beach....
....so clear and crispy !

Btw ...i have enough summer ...what i want is rain....
But seeing this image and the beach....
I want best of both...summer and the rain.....
Thank you for this image !!!! Love it as always.....

Apr 03 2006 14:54 GMT aquiles PRO
Apr 03 2006 15:05 GMT jeck
beautiful beach!!!
and the unique colors never seizes!!!
Apr 03 2006 15:16 GMT Haw59 PRO
Love that beach shot.
Apr 03 2006 15:28 GMT marijke06
you have a new beach!! it is unfair.....here is only wood...:))
Apr 03 2006 15:58 GMT jceca PRO
OF COURSE I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 03 2006 16:02 GMT StavrosMoforis
fey: sorry LOL, of course you don't need any more summer..LOL
..so I wish you have some rainy days very soon..LOL
Apr 03 2006 16:08 GMT StavrosMoforis
ceca: I'm a sand fun too, but not the very thin one that sticks all over your body and gets in your eyes with the wind! I prefer the "hard grain" that is also soft enough to feel comfortable walking on it, I'm sure you know which one I mean.
Apr 03 2006 16:24 GMT onichek
I'm becoming melancholic over here... Gorgeous series, Stavros!
Apr 03 2006 16:39 GMT lieke
the composition is so very well chosen......great atmosphere

love to see these......LOVE it
Apr 03 2006 18:11 GMT Kriszti
wonderful shot!! *how nice to stay at that hill :o
Apr 03 2006 19:12 GMT hallo
Fantastic atmosphere
Apr 03 2006 19:58 GMT Satto
Of course...we know what you mean Stavros......we "crazy girls" need this beautiful shots...so we can feel that soooooon the summer is here to..:-)
I love all your nice..great shots:-)
Apr 03 2006 19:58 GMT fawn
Want to be there right now!
Apr 04 2006 00:38 GMT Milibuh
We all want to be here ....a paradise ...
Apr 04 2006 00:43 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................

SEA, SAND and........well......honesty....NOT the SUN!!.....Here, we have TOO MUCH sunshine and I always got burnt though I put on the 60SPF Sunblock lotion!! :s

Here, we have 3 seasons, my dear Stavros : Hot season, Hotter season (with rain) and....HOTTEST season (right now) !!!........We need some winter!!!! ;)))
Apr 04 2006 11:13 GMT nordenskioeld
are there also guys allowed? beautyfull place!
Apr 04 2006 11:39 GMT StavrosMoforis
I can understand you, my dear Poulet!... LOL....
...unfortunately I'm not the right person to help you..!!!!!! :)))))
in Greece there's barely the winter we need....so maybe you should ask Jceca or Kris or Riet for some ...extra winter!!!! LOL
Apr 04 2006 11:42 GMT StavrosMoforis
Sure! everybody is welcome!
Apr 04 2006 13:17 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks for your advice, my dear Stavros!!! LOL LOL LOL ;)))
Apr 04 2006 13:46 GMT aquiles PRO
saludos, querido amigo !!!!
Apr 04 2006 14:33 GMT marijke06
and now there was no place with me to give a reaction to you, while you offered yourself as a target for my dartplay....I keep it in mind stavros...:)) thnx a lot..:))) you are too kind ;)
Apr 04 2006 16:08 GMT Scarlett PRO
What a fantastic capture!!! What chance you have, Sea, Sun, and Se... He He He!! Beautiful !!! ,-)
Apr 04 2006 20:07 GMT Archer
Thanks to mentioned group of girls we all enjoy in the wanderful view!
Apr 04 2006 20:10 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Sure does look inviting. Great shot!
Apr 04 2006 21:00 GMT beedabee
So beautiful .. love it there !
Apr 04 2006 23:23 GMT tathisri
Wish I were there to rest during summer.
Apr 05 2006 02:19 GMT Vampira
Hehehe, thanks of your comment on my photo about my new hair color my Brother XD~
This place is wonderful, as i said before, if i was sit in any chair, look this view, i will can die happy, if i close my eyes and listen the sea song, i can cry of emotion, happyness, is so beauty see these photos, beautyful, like you! =]
Kisses brother! =***
Apr 05 2006 02:48 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Beautiful calm blue water here on this beach - not like the beach where I live. Looks like such a beautiful place!
Apr 05 2006 03:11 GMT aquiles PRO
Apr 05 2006 10:53 GMT korni
splendid image !!!!
Apr 06 2006 15:38 GMT Scarlett PRO
Love the colors of the sea !!! Beautiful picture too !!!
Apr 06 2006 20:55 GMT emilqa
thank You for those beautiful views, from paradise;) ;)
beautiful and warm;) series!!
Apr 08 2006 11:30 GMT sayitkarabulut