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Rocky Islands (the penultimate stop)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 06 2006 20:51 GMT bennystr
Beautiful as always!
Jan 06 2006 21:41 GMT lieke
these small islands...especially the one in the right top....a bit purple......make it PERFECT

amigo.....you live in paradise......and you make such splendid images of it
Jan 06 2006 22:28 GMT Minz PRO
Such lovely colours!
Jan 06 2006 23:44 GMT hippopotamus
Jan 07 2006 03:27 GMT Glo
beautiful sea..
Jan 07 2006 05:31 GMT pinko

..& beautyful colors!:)..
Jan 07 2006 10:26 GMT marijke06
rocky indeed.....have you been on one of those small islands?
Jan 07 2006 10:30 GMT Poulet PRO
What a beautiful scene (again...and agan !!!!!) :)))
Jan 07 2006 12:52 GMT StavrosMoforis
@marijke: yes, they're nothing but rock! good only for seagulls' nests..
Jan 07 2006 13:02 GMT StavrosMoforis
Καλώς τον Δημήτρη! Καλή Χρονιά νάχουμε, φίλε μου! Πάω να δώ τι καλούδια μας έχεις φέρει από τις διακοπές!
Jan 07 2006 16:29 GMT beedabee
It was a beautiful journey !
Tnx Stavros for your kind comments !
Jan 08 2006 07:23 GMT hallo
Beautiful contrasts
Jan 08 2006 10:16 GMT marijke06
S: living in a seagulls' nest is not the idea you like?...:))))
Jan 08 2006 12:23 GMT StavrosMoforis
I must admit, it's a ...tempting idea!...:))
Jan 08 2006 12:44 GMT Riet
As this is the end of the walk you must be in such a nest secretly...hope you'll be back soon, or did you walk back because Mr. Rasta wanted to go home?
Jan 08 2006 13:01 GMT Mia87
Loving it!:)
Jan 08 2006 13:49 GMT StavrosMoforis
Riet: the end of this walk comes with the next photo and NO, Mr Rasta NEVER EVER wants to stop his walk and go back home! that'll be the day.....
Jan 09 2006 14:23 GMT callista
Beautiful colours !
Jan 09 2006 20:22 GMT maniax
beautiful scenery again!
Jan 10 2006 12:34 GMT lizzylu
hi soz but i sent the amount of text i could today thanks for that ur so sweet so wat u lkook like den
Jan 10 2006 13:59 GMT StavrosMoforis
lizzylu: you're so sweet, too! I've been thinking of posting a foto of me but don't want to ...spook everybody out LOL
then again maybe I will..
Jan 18 2006 22:57 GMT Eliana
Muito lindo...