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a few more pics from the "bad sea" beach
***this pic, the previous two and the rest of the "bad sea" series, have been taken with the old Olympus film camera***
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 11 2006 13:29 GMT Nespolo
nice house...I like the white, red, blue !...France ?
Apr 11 2006 13:29 GMT Poulet PRO

I can't waith for the sea!!!
I'll be there TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
heheeeee......wanna jumping up and down LOL LOL
Apr 11 2006 13:33 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Beautiful shot Stavros!
Apr 11 2006 13:34 GMT StavrosMoforis
ha,ha! ..no, it's Greece!
Apr 11 2006 13:35 GMT StavrosMoforis
Lucky you, my dear poulet!
Have a nice time tomorrow :))))))
Apr 11 2006 13:42 GMT Snappa
Nice photo. Nice and bright and uplifting. Which I need, as its grey and pouring with rain here..keep putting up ones of sun and sea!!
Apr 11 2006 14:00 GMT hokomoko
Very beautiful picture
Apr 11 2006 14:29 GMT aquiles PRO
bellisima escena !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...very beautiful scene !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 11 2006 14:45 GMT jomoud PRO
wonderful series
great captures
Apr 11 2006 15:44 GMT pinko

..all in greece this year!:)..
Apr 11 2006 16:01 GMT fey
Glorious sunlight in all your sea images......

B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l ....as always Stavros....

( Btw I am the 9th to comment ....so it's ok i think );-))))))
Apr 11 2006 16:03 GMT StavrosMoforis
@snappa: no problem :)
I have a few more, I just thought everybody would find this repetition a bit tiring but if this is not the case I'll be happy to post them too :))))
Thank you (and the rest of you, guys) very much for the kind comments, anyway :))))
Apr 11 2006 16:17 GMT charlotte
Apr 11 2006 17:06 GMT Nespolo
would you mind if I come with two dogs and two bunnies ?

one of the bunnies is hairy and funny !!!
Apr 11 2006 17:18 GMT fredaH
the old olympus film is still the best for me..unfortunately mine was stolen...
Apr 11 2006 17:53 GMT marijke06
wonderful place to be!! :)
Apr 11 2006 17:54 GMT StavrosMoforis
@freda: Oh, I'm sory, dearest...you must miss it a lot...
I know that film photography is usurpassed...I just thought that I should try to keep up with contemporary photo means, especially when it comes to practicallity :))) you are very welcome to use my film camera when you come to Greece :)))
Apr 11 2006 18:14 GMT asiajungle
beautiful!! amazing colours. I wish it was so great weather in Poland now.. I miss the sun so much! I guess I have to move to Greece:))
Apr 11 2006 18:19 GMT Satto
Great view....lovley light....lovley place on earth...:-)
Apr 11 2006 18:22 GMT lieke
what....problems with Pia already?...haha...just joking

the composition is very well chosen as always...great colours.....the Stavros touch......a many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image again
Apr 11 2006 19:10 GMT aquiles PRO
...all in Grecia !!!!!
Apr 11 2006 20:24 GMT jceca PRO
OMG!!!! AGAIN?????!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA............... just my MONSTER laugh :E :E :E !!!!!!!!
Apr 11 2006 21:49 GMT fawn
Did Pia take one day off?
beautiful image ...without her too!
Apr 11 2006 22:17 GMT StavrosMoforis
@ceca: lieke and you are both wrong :)))))))
These pictures were shot many days before Pia got into my life, though I must admit that she was already in my mind, but I guess this does not count as a sin :)))))))))
Apr 12 2006 06:23 GMT Kriszti
:)) Stavros touch , indeed !!
Apr 12 2006 12:35 GMT hallo
Great colors...I don't think you will get same result with the digital :(
Apr 12 2006 12:58 GMT callista
Beautiful series !
Apr 12 2006 22:01 GMT tata28
Apr 13 2006 14:53 GMT korni
excellent photo!
Apr 14 2006 03:26 GMT bojtorjan
Blue, red, gree.... wonderful colors!
Apr 15 2006 01:34 GMT Vibeka
I totally have to go to Greece... this is nothing like where I live, it's just so beautiful!