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..."..and I wonder if you know,
that I never understood,
and although you said you'd go,
until you did,
I never thought you would...."
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 30 2008 18:19 GMT Pasifae
Great composition! :)
Jan 30 2008 18:27 GMT nordenskioeld
looks like a very pleasant place to be
Jan 30 2008 18:28 GMT nimbus
πιάσε καρέκλα...
πιάσε ουρανό...
κοίτα τον ήλιο...
στον χαρίζω!
κοίτα την θάλασσα...
στα δίχτυα της καλπάζουν οι ποιητές των ονείρων..
κάτι όνειρα λαχταριστά σαν τις ηλιόλουστες ανάσες νεράιδων...
σαν κάτι γιοφύρια, που ανταμώνουν παράνομοι έρωτες και περιμένουν...
Jan 30 2008 20:24 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 30 2008 21:12 GMT corainna
its a song words?? or is your own compozition?? any way.... are nice! and the pic too:):):)
Jan 30 2008 21:53 GMT diablesse
Jan 30 2008 23:05 GMT brunopapeete
Tha ithela na perpatisso se auto to dromiko, dipla sti thalassa !
Jan 31 2008 00:05 GMT sourdos
Πολύ όμορφη εικόνα φίλε μου! Πανέμορφα χρώματα!
Jan 31 2008 07:34 GMT forwardlamp
Yperoxos opws panta o filos mou o Stauros! :-)
Jan 31 2008 09:11 GMT hallo
Beautiful spot
Jan 31 2008 19:14 GMT bennystr
Beautiful serene place, wonderful colors!
Feb 01 2008 11:58 GMT eleni78 PRO
πολύ καλή φώτο αγαπητέ Σταύρο και ωραία επεξεργασία:))
Feb 01 2008 12:29 GMT Poulet PRO
Great composition and light!
Really a beautiful place.

Have a beautiful weekend, my dear Stavros. :))
Feb 01 2008 12:53 GMT Riet
Beautiful place and shot!

'...and now you're gone I feel lost
I still don't understand why you had to go
even when the sun is shining I feel frost
I call your name........what comes back is just an echo.....

Feb 01 2008 13:34 GMT aquiles PRO
SALUDOS, AMIGO Stavros !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...( WHAT A WONDERFUL RietĘs WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!! )
Feb 01 2008 13:34 GMT jceca PRO
very beautiful poem & photo combination ...

i'll sit there with you, if you don't mind ....
Feb 01 2008 16:13 GMT StavrosMoforis
It will be a pleasure, dearest :))))
Feb 01 2008 16:13 GMT charlotte
Feb 01 2008 16:27 GMT StavrosMoforis
your lines are so touchingly romantic, Riet....
our hearts insist on ticking in this very special way, regardless our age....
sometimes I wonder: is it a blessing or just a curse?

have a wonderful weekend, my dear :))
Feb 01 2008 16:47 GMT SIGMUND
A dream place, some day I will be there!!!
Have a great week end dear Stavros!!!
Feb 01 2008 16:52 GMT StavrosMoforis
Greece (and I ) will be waiting for you my dear Suzana :))))
Have a nice weekend yourself :)))
Feb 01 2008 17:23 GMT Satto
BEAUTIFUL and so very good composition...and the words are soOOOoo beautiful also:-)
Feb 01 2008 18:05 GMT nimbus
...ψάχνω στα πιό απόμερα μυστικά!
Feb 01 2008 23:28 GMT palakol
Outstanding Composition.. c",)
Feb 01 2008 23:35 GMT StavrosMoforis
...το ξέρω...
Feb 02 2008 01:26 GMT nimbus
το ξέρω ότι το ξέρεις:)

άλλωστε, σε λίγο,

θα είναι.........

Feb 03 2008 05:12 GMT doramandragora
Let's sit for a while on the bench and see... she might come back, after all...;-))
Feb 03 2008 13:27 GMT StavrosMoforis
you're welcome to sit on the bench, Doris, but no, she won't come back ...and I'm not so sure I want her back, either, not any more...
have a nice Sunday ;-)
Feb 19 2008 17:07 GMT voodoo23
seems a soothing place....
Jun 10 2009 13:57 GMT patraaey
Great place to sit and relax!!!