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A new beach, not so far from the other one, about 35 Km North-East.
I was there on Saturday so I thought it'd be a good idea to take some pics, specialy for those of you who ...can't wait till summer! (Ceca, Fey and the rest of the "crazy girls", THEY know who I mean!)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 03 2006 14:50 GMT PhotoPro PRO
This is gorgeous Stavros!!
Apr 03 2006 14:54 GMT aquiles PRO
Apr 03 2006 14:55 GMT fey
Oh ! This is even more GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!

This part of the beach looks like torn out from an old dream of mine.......
Love it ....Love it !!!
Apr 03 2006 15:17 GMT Haw59 PRO
I agree with everyone. It is a dream place. Thank you.
Apr 03 2006 15:59 GMT jceca PRO
..... OR ISN'T NICER??!!! I DON'T KNOW.... :)
Apr 03 2006 16:22 GMT onichek
Such an amazing place!!! I wanna be a crazy girl too :))
Apr 03 2006 16:29 GMT StavrosMoforis
@onichek: I'm sure none of the "crazy girls" will have any objections, LOL, so I guess you're very welcome!!!! :)))
Apr 03 2006 16:37 GMT onichek
Thank you, Stavros! I'll sure take you up on that!!! :))
Apr 03 2006 16:40 GMT lieke
ooooh....dunno what to say anymore

dreamlike beauty.....love it....comes close i guess
Apr 03 2006 16:48 GMT Olympe1961
Perhaps am I one of these ones, dear Stavros... who knows ? I really enjoy the blue-green-turquoise water... May I put a foot in it ?
Apr 03 2006 17:11 GMT StavrosMoforis
By all means, my dearest L. !!! but why only a foot? what happened to the rest of your body? LOL
Apr 03 2006 18:10 GMT Kriszti
Lucky you !!! ..just blissful !!
Apr 03 2006 18:13 GMT Olympe1961
I will "taste" the water in order to feel if it's cold or warm... and if it warm, I promise : all the body, my dear Stavros !!!
Apr 03 2006 19:16 GMT Ruedi PRO
wow looks great!
Apr 03 2006 19:44 GMT Portasejanelas
Fantastic colours
Apr 03 2006 20:25 GMT fa69
Great composition!!
Apr 03 2006 21:43 GMT Minz PRO
Really Lovely photo!
Apr 04 2006 00:37 GMT Poulet PRO
GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......................

I envy you, dear Stavros!!.......
It's SUMMER here, BUT I still got stuck in a crazy capital cityyyyyyyyy.......;b

I REALLY MISS THE SEA!!!!!...........
I'll be there during 12-15 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
Apr 04 2006 00:37 GMT Milibuh
El color del mar se ve precioso...
Apr 04 2006 14:23 GMT Riet
Would be a wonderful health resort for crazy old girls! I'm afraid though health care will think I am even crazier than I pretend to be...sometimes...
But looking at your beautiful picture I feel already better!
Apr 04 2006 16:09 GMT Scarlett PRO
Very wonderful light on this. Splendid colors and always blue of the sea, blue of the sky... Agree with Poulet, I envy you too... ,-)
Apr 04 2006 20:04 GMT Archer
Yes…colours are perfect! It’s so picturesque place, and you succedded easilly to transfere it to us.
Apr 04 2006 21:00 GMT beedabee
What a paecful place .. great shot, Stavros!
Apr 05 2006 10:52 GMT korni
beautiful colours and composition ....
Apr 06 2006 00:09 GMT Vibeka
This one's the best; it's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
Apr 06 2006 20:49 GMT emilqa
Apr 09 2006 10:29 GMT asiajungle
What a place! amazing!
Apr 10 2006 21:15 GMT iinesb
I love Greece! You have great culture, beautiful nature, awsame food and fantastic music! I have visit your contry over dozen times!
Apr 11 2006 14:03 GMT hokomoko
Avesome very peacefull and lovely