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greece sounio poseidontemple globalwarming

926 views 13 people's favourite photo

This is what the Temple of Poseidon (Cape Sounio, Greece ) will look like after the sea level rise due to the global warming...
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 18 2007 14:06 GMT vic242
reminds me of the story of atlantis...
Jun 18 2007 14:18 GMT caferr
nice job...
Jun 18 2007 14:27 GMT jceca PRO
uhmmmm ... i don't know what to say about that ... but the pic is fabulous !!!!
bravo !!!
Jun 18 2007 15:44 GMT eleni78 PRO
fantastiki thouleia Stavro, iperoxi foto...WELLDONE!! goes to favs :)
Jun 18 2007 19:22 GMT bennystr
Fascinating creation!
Jun 18 2007 19:59 GMT marque
Jun 18 2007 20:00 GMT happysnapper
very strong image! but global warming is just the latest buzz word!!!!!!!!!
Jun 18 2007 20:27 GMT forwardlamp
Jun 18 2007 22:58 GMT Milibuh
This is todays winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 18 2007 23:01 GMT Archer
Such a strong and impressive work! Hat off to you
Jun 19 2007 00:19 GMT Poulet PRO
Runs to fave, my dear Stavros. :))
Jun 19 2007 02:28 GMT wifey
Sad but splendid! Magnificent imagination.
Jun 19 2007 04:26 GMT fa69
Really wonderful work !!
Jun 19 2007 13:31 GMT hallo
Amazing Stravo, but God forbid!
Jun 19 2007 14:58 GMT SIGMUND
Superb shot!!!!
Jun 20 2007 04:09 GMT rohtas
yes... i have seen this report on CBS News tonight.... it is a real concern, but Industralized countries, who are directly responsible for Green House effect should also be doing something to svae the heritege of the World! Great visualization!
Jun 20 2007 06:20 GMT juanse
excellent work...
Jun 20 2007 10:40 GMT StavrosMoforis
unfortunately my friend, industrialized countries do not give a rat's ass about anything else but their corporations' profits... and, even more unfortunately, the now developing countries are even more reckless and indifferent on the matter...
that leaves the whole issue to us, the peoples, to resolve it... are we ever going to get our asses off the couch and get out and do something about it? I seriously doubt it...
Jun 21 2007 06:02 GMT brunopapeete
Afto einai kataplektiko !!!!! Bravo paidi..... Gia sou
Jun 21 2007 08:45 GMT vic242
happysnapper, you are so wonderfull. you really gave me a good laugh :-D
I do hope you are kidding, or maybe you haven't heard about for example the ipcc report? quite interesting reading actually http://www.ipcc.ch/
Jun 21 2007 14:47 GMT curandera
S U P E R !!!!!!!
Jun 21 2007 18:51 GMT Satto
GOSH...stavros...this is a masters work....absolutly great work......
and sad thing if it happens..:-)
My fav.....YeeeSSSSSssss
Jun 22 2007 03:35 GMT lumaciel
very strong image!
I agree with Bennystr:
Fascinating creation!
Jun 23 2007 16:18 GMT fawn
This is just great! Very dramatically done!
Jun 23 2007 23:03 GMT aquiles PRO
Jun 25 2007 01:42 GMT larrybenedict
If the greedy ignorant masses of people (big business)continue to polute the earth and the air...........this is a real danger. The really sad thing might be that the ignorant do not know that they are ignorant.
Jun 25 2007 10:34 GMT StavrosMoforis
Larry: I agree 100%
Jun 26 2007 11:04 GMT will
Awesome photo...interesting dialog too. I think the worst thing that was ever invented just so happens to be the automobile...it needs to be replaced and so does our worldwide oil based paradigm. Not only that but the way in which things are manufactured. We need to start holding corporations accountable. But, in order to do so we all need to be willing to participate. I wonder how many of us would give up our cars or spend even 20 percent of the time working on these matters as we do watching television etc? I don't have the answers but I think this is at the 'crux' of the matter. We're not going to do it by violent means, I mean this just is not going to work.
Jun 26 2007 11:17 GMT will
Also, I think the atrocities that are being committed to keep us in oil are a reflection of the same type of evil deeds committed in the past centuries such as exploitation, greed, slaver, etc (all terrible and unacceptable)...Since it is the 21st century I wonder why all of the same people are still in control and holding us back? It's a sad thing. Sorry for ranting here but this is foto blogging...
Jun 27 2007 10:48 GMT StavrosMoforis
Very well phrased, Will..., but, you see, it has always been a matter of people vs sheeple...
let's face it: nothing will change until WE change it and in order to do that we need to wake up first... only the alarm clock has ceased functioning :(
Jun 28 2007 12:41 GMT PaP67
it will ever survive, it must survive !
Jun 28 2007 20:29 GMT Zodyak
This is really wonderful..
Jun 28 2007 22:26 GMT Keitology
impressive tone of message and presentation of the subject
shame the world is willing to make business without respecting the laws of nature :(
Jul 01 2007 21:18 GMT TeFfoo
after global warming version is a little bit nicer but we should terminate this process anyway ;)
Jul 01 2007 21:22 GMT Vasca
Very good work!!!
I love Greek culture!!
Jul 03 2007 11:26 GMT sini
Great work!:)
Jul 04 2007 19:32 GMT Snappa
A very clever image Stavros. Excellent work.
Jul 06 2007 23:47 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Fantastic rendering, Stavros
Jul 07 2007 10:25 GMT corainna
with this pic you ghive us a homework!
Jul 07 2007 15:15 GMT Pietje
This is really wonderful..
Jul 08 2007 14:47 GMT Tom33
the grandeur prevails!
Jul 08 2007 16:43 GMT Riet
A gorgeous work....but that's not the point.......you warn......but how can we, the people, make a fist? We are the customers, the buyers........the multinationals are the greedy powers these days,,,and we, in the rich West buy everything that is offered to us.....
our children buy the newest gadgets......many families have three cars....we want all the room in our houses heated, or aircondioned, even in countries where it is pure luxury.....
whilst a great part of the people on this globe is starving.....
We can produce cars that run on hydrogen, but the big companies refuse to produce them..
So we keep buying cars that are polluting the air because we can't do anymore without cars.
Wars are like eating money....for what?
indoctrination, hatred, racisme....
I have no answer.......
The global warming can be stopped ( as long as it is no natural phenomenon)
by the right precautions. These precautions cost money and as long as the big multionals and governments are not willing to spend this money for the cause of surviving I take a gloomy view of things for the future......
Jul 08 2007 22:17 GMT StavrosMoforis
my dearest.... I sadly agree...
Jul 10 2007 04:40 GMT beedabee
excellent work here .. best wishes !
Jul 15 2007 06:55 GMT midge
Wonderful shot!
Jul 22 2007 20:18 GMT aZure53
This s fascinating...
Aug 09 2007 10:49 GMT Hamin PRO
A Magazine COVER, TRULY ! .............. Hamin
Aug 20 2007 10:53 GMT botticcelli
Oct 11 2007 14:37 GMT palakol
Aglaodendpos.. c",)
Dec 11 2007 21:36 GMT nimbus
μ'αρέσει να γυρίζω στα παλιά, όταν όλοι τρέχουν να προλάβουν τα επόμενα...
Dec 31 2007 13:57 GMT Maurabia
my roots are here.....
Feb 24 2008 20:20 GMT suver
Feb 25 2008 12:31 GMT burger320
awesome work!!!!!
Aug 24 2008 08:21 GMT mulhaqdesigner