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Poseidonstemple sunset


I always wanted to fix Poseidon's Temple into an enhanced sunset seascape image but it kept turning out really ugly. Exceptionally enough, after so many big failures, this one looked just a little bit presentable (or so do I think!)so I thought I might as well show it to you, fellas, even risking a big booo! :)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 03 2005 13:22 GMT cafe505
like always:)
Nov 03 2005 13:27 GMT korni
Nov 03 2005 13:36 GMT Jovajna
This sunset makes the temple look unreal,it's great.
Nov 03 2005 13:37 GMT dizzy PRO
Amazing looking place to be!
Nov 03 2005 13:49 GMT RiverRabbit
No risk here, and certainly no Boo !! This is such a great shot and reflecting living history......
Nov 03 2005 14:01 GMT patrickd PRO
Great shot, you should tag it "sunset" so people can find it!
Nov 03 2005 14:24 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I think it is stunning!
Nov 03 2005 15:02 GMT lieke
special ...this one!!!!
Nov 03 2005 15:04 GMT santolina
no boo, Stavro! it's just sinking into Poseidon's Realm every evening to resurrect out of the Deep on dawn. Or so it seems looking at your wonderful picture :)
thalassa mehala otan ouvranos :))
Nov 03 2005 15:30 GMT Satto
I like it..so colourful...and that darkness is so beautiful...and the sunset..whow :-)
Nov 03 2005 15:42 GMT midge
love the colours!! nice shot!
Nov 03 2005 15:48 GMT Riet
No boooo at all! ( would anyone dare?!) This is the right place for Poseidon's temple and you did a good job!
Nov 04 2005 00:40 GMT Poulet PRO
this is GREAT shot! :)))
Nov 04 2005 02:59 GMT lumaciel
great composition. You did a fantastic
Nov 04 2005 16:31 GMT hallo
It's all true what is said, beautiful image
Nov 04 2005 17:34 GMT Askim
stunning image!!!!!!!!
amazing view!
Nov 04 2005 18:02 GMT starlightfish
success usually comes up after numerous failures.
my archive of photos consists of a lot of failures too...:)
thanks for sharing and thanks for your kind words on my fotothing!
Nov 05 2005 04:27 GMT Glo
extraordinary shot!!
Nov 07 2005 02:14 GMT lumaciel
I would like to have the ability to shot like you do
Nov 11 2005 06:47 GMT Jawis
No, definately a pat on the back for a job well done!
Nov 16 2005 17:26 GMT Wildspirit PRO
No big boo from me! This is beautiful.
Nov 20 2005 02:13 GMT nicoalfredo
VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 03 2008 23:04 GMT Maurabia
big boo, no, big hou la la, yes
such a long time i've been there,
and still here, still so royal, so wonderful
because the see, and the columns like a cut paper on the sky looks like theater ;
huge screenplay
(so hard to express in english what i feel)