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bus stop blues
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Comments on this photo:

May 08 2006 18:12 GMT vipe
WOW!!! So beautiful!!
May 08 2006 18:13 GMT nordenskioeld
i love it stavros
May 08 2006 18:14 GMT marjuska
Beautiful blues!!
May 08 2006 18:14 GMT lieke
(olf fashioned comment:...a very strong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image, with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!light and an !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! composition)
conclusion: LOVE it
May 08 2006 18:17 GMT d6dana
well..Lieke is right!!
May 08 2006 19:05 GMT Archer
Wow…this one has summer smell! Lieke is right of course!!!
May 08 2006 19:09 GMT Satto
"Golden" bus stop.....blues...GREAT WORK...:-)
SOOooo beautiful light and colours:-) I love it:-)
May 08 2006 19:34 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Great composition!
May 08 2006 19:45 GMT fawn
this is ...gorgeous!
love everything about this image!
May 08 2006 19:52 GMT aZure53
i wish i had waited at that moment at this bus stop.

Great Sunset!
May 08 2006 20:02 GMT forwardlamp
poly wraia douleia...thn kserw auth th stash!h amesws epomenh einai h stash kalyvia an thimamai kala...thanx for the comments staure!tha valw kai kainourgies photo se ligo xexe... :)
May 08 2006 20:10 GMT nimbus
ονειρεμένες συνήθειες...
May 08 2006 20:34 GMT bennystr
May 08 2006 21:35 GMT PhotoRuben
May 08 2006 21:36 GMT jceca PRO
(olf fashioned comment:...a very strong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image, with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!light and an !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! composition)
conclusion: LOVE it

...i'm stealing your style, stavros!!!! :)) :))
May 08 2006 22:29 GMT aquiles PRO
EXCELENTE foto and excelente title !!!!!!!!!!!
May 08 2006 22:34 GMT StavrosMoforis
@ceca: feel free to steal it, Svet! any time!! :)))))
May 09 2006 03:08 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
S'pink...pretty in pink too :) Beautifully composed too!
May 09 2006 07:53 GMT Poulet PRO
X-cellent composition, my dear Stavros!! :))
May 09 2006 13:29 GMT Kriszti
the sign...is it a wolf?...

*Gorgeous shot !!
May 09 2006 13:33 GMT StavrosMoforis
@Kris: No, it is a hyena..
May 09 2006 19:23 GMT ghostlight
Gorgeous photo! I love sunsets!
May 09 2006 19:25 GMT fey
The atmosphere is so GREAT in this one....

....i would love to wait for a bus over there......but a hyena sign !

.....very well composed and lovely colours.......
May 09 2006 21:27 GMT Milibuh
Is this the bus stop for the paradise ?????????????
May 10 2006 18:54 GMT Riet
This image is so strong in atmosphere...I got the blues right away.!
I got visions of friends sitting there on folding chairs; guitars on their knees; I would bring my mouth-organ and we would talk with soft voices, telling eachother stories of lost loves, lost homelands and our eternal yearning for harmony. As the sun was sinking lower and lower, our faces would get dark silhouettes against the reddening sky. Someone would take his guitar, playing a song of the restless quest for never forgotten loves. While he is singing the others join him in the music, humming with the tender evening breeze. They would be still for some moments...and I would bring my mouth-organ to my lips and let it sing and sigh, cry and laugh the stories of our lives....we are singing the blues...

God, Stavros, your photo makes me quite romantic in my old days!
Nice feeling though!

May 10 2006 21:09 GMT StavrosMoforis
...the Lady sings the blues.....the poet from within her treats our souls the sweetest feelings....
May 11 2006 08:54 GMT Riet
May 13 2006 12:13 GMT beedabee
A great feeling !
May 13 2006 12:45 GMT onichek
Really a mood getter :)
May 13 2006 12:57 GMT korni
wonderful photo!!!
May 15 2006 18:06 GMT evelinzee
Almost unrealistic... poetic...metaphoric...what else I'd say??? !!!!
I love it!!!!!!!
May 20 2006 13:19 GMT marky33 PRO
Wonderful shot.
Jun 23 2006 23:10 GMT BoSelecta PRO
Great image... very atmospheric!
Jul 19 2006 02:13 GMT Diva PRO
Beautiful composition.