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Went digital, at last! LOL
It's an OLYMPUS E-500 and her name is Red.  Here's our first catch.


Went digital, at last! LOL
It's an OLYMPUS E-500 and her name is Red. Here's our first catch.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 09 2006 20:25 GMT fey
Gosh ! Pia has changed you .........

Such a romantic image !!
Apr 09 2006 20:25 GMT lieke
and that small moon up there....WOW

EXCELLENT...love it
Apr 09 2006 20:28 GMT Kriszti
wow ! Extraordinary ..Like it :))
Apr 09 2006 20:29 GMT emilqa
composition and colors-amazing!!!

just love this image;)))))
Apr 09 2006 20:38 GMT jceca PRO
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something is so........ up here !!!!!!!!!!!!!
dirty pia!!! :))))
Apr 09 2006 20:50 GMT StavrosMoforis
@ceca: I KNEW it!! I was sure your dirty little mind would go there immediately :))))))))
Apr 09 2006 20:51 GMT jceca PRO
Apr 09 2006 20:58 GMT beedabee
yes .. it's great .. Stavros you are a profi !
Apr 09 2006 20:58 GMT Snappa
Why is your sky that blue, it's not fair, ours is rather wishy washy compared.
Is it really that colour?
Apr 09 2006 21:20 GMT StavrosMoforis
@Snappa: have you ever heard of the "light of Gods"? You're looking at it :))))))
..well I "helped" a bit too, but only a tiny, tiny little bit :)))
Apr 10 2006 00:09 GMT Poulet PRO
That leads to the moon!!!! ;)))
Apr 10 2006 14:04 GMT aquiles PRO
GREAT composition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 10 2006 15:42 GMT Riet
Pia is inspiring you!
Apr 10 2006 22:11 GMT Milibuh
We can get the sky....
Apr 11 2006 13:47 GMT PennyLane PRO
this is fantastic. . .really!!
you'll get used to (and love) the digital in no time, i'm sure!!
Apr 11 2006 16:16 GMT Olympe1961
Splendid, great image... I feel in it both feminine and masculine : the moon and the immense trunk : one need the other one ! Awesome image, dear Stavros !
Apr 11 2006 21:53 GMT fawn
great work!
Apr 12 2006 17:15 GMT valmirribeiro
Great composition!
Apr 13 2006 00:47 GMT bennystr
Wonderful perspective!
I'm glad that Pia did not influence you're trademark colors!
Jan 01 2008 00:13 GMT Maurabia
is there any Girafe in Greeceland ?
Jan 01 2008 11:30 GMT StavrosMoforis
Jan 01 2008 11:58 GMT Maurabia
thanks for all your so nice words : it send me a little sunbean in my life;
without photo, pinsel , poetry books, Nature, i would be a very lonely person on this earth.
always a pleasure to have feed back from other people all other the world:
nobody expresses their own feeling so free and sometimes i feel as if it is a very big fast food pic consum here..
this is the reason why i am very honored and thank you again

bravo to the "girafe" trying to reach the big "orange bleue"