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birdseggs nest

644 views 1 person's favourite photo

..the eggs... -in my garden-
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 05 2006 16:24 GMT Arik77
Now we will wait ...
Great picture !
Jun 05 2006 16:28 GMT Poulet PRO
Great composition and lighting!!
Great series, my dear Stavros!! :)))
Jun 05 2006 16:29 GMT Maaya
.....agree fully with Poulet.....great find too.....

thank you for this images........
Jun 05 2006 16:36 GMT CAPRI
wow....excellent shot!!
Jun 05 2006 16:37 GMT emilqa
so soon You will have a new little bird's dancers;)
Jun 05 2006 16:53 GMT Scarlett PRO
Stunning!!!! Fabulous subject, composition, lighthing, contrast... ,-)))

A perfect shot!! ,-)
Jun 05 2006 17:39 GMT Riet
You lucky man! And you made such a beautiful shot of it! Now I'll have to look in my books to which birds these jewels of eggs belong!
Jun 05 2006 18:27 GMT Archer
Hidden place, but not hidden enough…you caught it, and you did it very well! Beautiful photo!
Jun 05 2006 18:35 GMT csabi
great shot !!!
Jun 05 2006 18:45 GMT vipe
Wau!! You must show us little birds when they born! =o)
Jun 05 2006 18:55 GMT beijaflor
Jun 05 2006 19:09 GMT hallo
Your garden must be a peaceful place! beautiful series
Jun 05 2006 21:20 GMT StavrosMoforis
Riet: Please do! To my ignorent eyes the bird looks like a ...sparrow! My brother in law says it looks like a "spotted fly catcher", but he needs a book for the eggs to make sure and he doesn't have one :(
Jun 05 2006 21:29 GMT fawn
WOW!!! Great series Stavros!!!!
Well seen and caught!!!!
Jun 05 2006 22:01 GMT JJAP
Just wonderful!!!!!!!!!
Jun 05 2006 22:35 GMT jceca PRO
agree with all above..... superb !!!!
Jun 05 2006 22:41 GMT aquiles PRO
increible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...bellos......... extraordinary picture, amigo SAtavros !!!!
Jun 05 2006 22:53 GMT lumaciel
You had find a thresaure!
Jun 05 2006 23:02 GMT tadieubone PRO
wonderful series stavros !!
Jun 06 2006 00:33 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
uhm...Stav...these are blue :) I just don't know how you do it... blue blue blue :) Lovely find and absolutely superb fist class series here :)
Jun 06 2006 00:37 GMT Glo
also you will have a new family soon :D
Jun 06 2006 03:47 GMT Milibuh
This is the other side of your paradise Stavros...
Jun 06 2006 06:03 GMT marijke06
lucky you with such a nice nest in your garden!
Jun 06 2006 13:41 GMT fa69
Wonderful series !!!
Jun 06 2006 14:09 GMT robe
Lovely series!
Jun 06 2006 14:47 GMT aZure53
what a garden!

wonderful serie!
Jun 06 2006 16:42 GMT diablesse
wow! what a surprise!!!!!
Jun 06 2006 17:31 GMT evelinzee
Fantastic capture!
Jun 06 2006 20:51 GMT Riet
Stavros: I have books with birds, but not with eggs :(( I surfed the internet: nothing :((( maybe Elly knows the bird...I'll ask her if she has seen your picture. I think not, she is much too busy with her new lens, making macro's!
Jun 06 2006 21:55 GMT Annet
We will see more of the young birds I hope. I promiss to send some of mine..
Jun 06 2006 22:13 GMT StavrosMoforis
Riet: Thank you so much, dearest! I appreciate the try..it's OK, never mind the names, we have the pics, haha! and the liitle birdie, too!!! :))))
Jun 07 2006 08:57 GMT forwardlamp
staure exeis kairo na peraseis apo ta merh mas ;) sou exw mia ekplhksh!
Jun 07 2006 15:49 GMT Olympe1961
Lovely eggs : you made here a superb discovery, my friend !!! when will the babies be born ?
Jun 07 2006 16:24 GMT Satto
WWhhhoowww......thats great:-)
Jun 07 2006 18:02 GMT StavrosMoforis
Thank you my dearest L.
I have no idea when the birdies will be off the eggs! They wont take long, I suppose, it can only be a matter of a few days!
Jun 08 2006 19:58 GMT soldier
Great shot!!!
Jun 09 2006 06:39 GMT beedabee
Lucky you ...
Jun 09 2006 09:10 GMT Snappa
Very nice photo.
Jun 09 2006 20:29 GMT aquiles PRO
EGG--CELLENT !!!!!!!!!...have a wonderful time amigo Stavros !!!!...and take care with those eggs !!!!!!
Jun 09 2006 22:17 GMT bennystr
Beautiful and fascinating, can't wait for the little ones!
Keep us updated!
Jun 14 2006 14:14 GMT MonicaMagdi
indeed, trully fascinating to watch and observe nests!
in romania, we had a lot of treets in my garden, and eggs from doves' nests always used to fall and break :(