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sunset beach


Saturday evening by the seaside
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 15 2006 20:43 GMT moniqpl
Stavros, it's gorgeous :O great capture! :)
Apr 15 2006 20:52 GMT lieke
very beautiful little series.....subtle and poetic
Apr 15 2006 21:14 GMT tata28
Apr 15 2006 21:19 GMT bennystr
Beautiful series, especially this one! Fabulous colors!
Apr 15 2006 21:19 GMT mbz
very nice & beautiful color's
Apr 15 2006 21:27 GMT Satto
Whhooww..the burning sunset...great shot...and the colours are a real wwwhhoowweer...:-)
Apr 15 2006 21:28 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
So beautiful :)
Apr 15 2006 21:32 GMT fawn
I love this picture. The colours and the overall mood are so nice :)
I want to spend all Saturdays in my life like them :)

Apr 15 2006 21:54 GMT PhotoPro PRO
beautiful shot Stavros!!

Happy Easter!
Apr 15 2006 23:43 GMT Minz PRO
Great colours - but looks quite deep and somewhat menacing.........
Apr 15 2006 23:51 GMT Nespolo
wow !!! really nice view !!!
Apr 16 2006 00:08 GMT Poulet PRO
What a wonderful series, my dear Stavros!!
I just cam back here yesterday evening...and burnt! :s BUT, your series just made me sick of the sea again!!!!!! ;)))
Apr 16 2006 00:57 GMT Milibuh
Extraordinaria serie Stavros...nada supera la dicha de vivir cerca al mar...
Apr 16 2006 01:26 GMT aZure53
what a atmosphere!!! very romantic!!!
Apr 16 2006 04:10 GMT blue
yeah yeah, blah blah, same old same old...lol ::wink:::::
Apr 16 2006 04:39 GMT jeck
awesome series, Stav!
Apr 16 2006 05:28 GMT Olympe1961
This is a magical and romantic scene.... As I'm very curious, I'd want to listen (and of course, understand...) what this four persons are talking about.... :)
Apr 16 2006 08:26 GMT Cameraeye
nice one Stavros
Apr 16 2006 08:52 GMT d6dana
beautiful series,really good
Apr 16 2006 10:10 GMT SHEHOU
superb shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Easter
Apr 16 2006 10:14 GMT StavrosMoforis
wink back...lol :))
Apr 16 2006 11:11 GMT Riet
Listening to the murmur of the sea.......................fantastic!
Apr 16 2006 12:20 GMT jceca PRO
wooow, stavros... i didn't know you are such a romantic person!!!!
YOU & PIA & SUNSET......
YOU ARE IN LOVE, DEFINITELY!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))

.... and i must agree with milibuh..... but you know that already :))
Apr 16 2006 13:36 GMT StavrosMoforis
@jceca: Yes...I guess I'm romantic, I admit it :)))
Still Pia has a lot to ...teach me and I'm eager to learn, I admit that, too!
But ...in love?....hmm...I don't think so...it's been years and years since the last time! LOL :))))
by the way, I didn't understand the second half of Nora's comment...I suspect but I'm not positive about what it means exactly...could you translate it for me please? :))) thank you :)))
Apr 16 2006 14:07 GMT jceca PRO
.. than tell her : WRITE JUST IN ENGLISH, NORA!!!! :)))))))))

you asked me something like that with my 10 english sentences.... well, OK.... i'll try...
"...nothing overcomes the happiness of living close to the sea..."

Apr 16 2006 14:32 GMT StavrosMoforis
@jceca: THANK YOU SO MUCH, CECA !!!!!
By the way I don't find your English to be of "10 sentences"!!! I think you can understand and write very, very efficiently AND I MEAN THAT :))))))
Apr 16 2006 14:39 GMT jceca PRO
i can understand.... but my writing.... it's sooooooo hard!!!!!
i have no idea about tenses and those stuffs like as, at, in, on, by...etc....
.. and i can't find that in the dictionary!!! :(
Apr 16 2006 16:16 GMT emilqa
very romantic picture;)

wonderful sunset...
Apr 16 2006 16:53 GMT StavrosMoforis
@ceca: I appreciate your efforts very much :)))))
Believe me you are doing GREAT !!!!! A lot better than many of us friends here !!!! yet, we all make it work perfectly, don't we? :))))))))))
Apr 16 2006 19:25 GMT mommiste
sly is peautiful always,great staff
Apr 16 2006 19:54 GMT blue
ok so if i say no comment, what do you say? lol.
Apr 16 2006 20:22 GMT fey
I am very late this time Stavros.......
Everybody has said everything ......
....There is nothing more for me to say........
.....I agree with everyone .....
....Its an amazing series..........
Apr 16 2006 20:29 GMT StavrosMoforis
no comment..lol
Apr 16 2006 22:18 GMT ahmetturker
Ohh. very nice atmosphere again. great composition.!!!!

Well done.!!
Apr 16 2006 22:27 GMT Portasejanelas
Apr 17 2006 01:42 GMT bojtorjan
Amazing series!
Apr 17 2006 12:11 GMT aquiles PRO
BELLO atardecer !!!!!!!!!!!...BEAUTIFUL nightfall !!!!!!!!!!!!... saludos, amigo Stavtos !
Apr 17 2006 12:19 GMT CAPRI
Lovely pic!!!
Apr 17 2006 12:42 GMT StavrosMoforis
@Minz: yes it does, doesn't it ? nothing to do with me, though!!! LOL the cam was set to "sunset" , that's all !!!! maybe she got a bit carried away ?? LOL
Apr 17 2006 12:50 GMT Pushp
very good..............great meditation shot
Apr 17 2006 13:36 GMT PennyLane PRO
stavros - this photo makes me sigh and wish that i was there to see this beautiful sight in person. thanks for sharing it!
Apr 17 2006 15:59 GMT hallo
Breathtaking sky series...You see stavro, this is the advantage of digital...you can't shoot enough!
Apr 17 2006 16:18 GMT StavrosMoforis
You are 100% right, my friend!
Apr 18 2006 05:44 GMT fredaH

amazingly beautiful...sooo romantice...peaceful...lovely view..well i missed it.