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"...swimming in a fish bowl,
running over the same ol' ground,
what have we found?
the same old fear,
wish you were here..."
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 12 2006 17:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Stavros this is gorgeous!
Apr 12 2006 17:10 GMT Nespolo

I've just taken my swim suit !!!! I'm coming !!!!
Apr 12 2006 17:11 GMT BoSelecta PRO
Poli oraio, m'areso. Thelo na yiriso. Efhome krio stin ayylia. Kalo Pasha
Apr 12 2006 17:14 GMT valmirribeiro
What a nice place!
Apr 12 2006 18:23 GMT charlotte
so lovely there!
Apr 12 2006 18:27 GMT fey
Stavros ! I see you have turned in to a poet ......
I can't blame you ....this image will turn anyone in to it.......
....once again ....you and your image ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw ....where is Pia ????????????

Apr 12 2006 18:39 GMT StavrosMoforis
Fey: thank you so much, you're always so sweet...
Pia is fine, she's practising for to help me tomorrow. We're going to capture the fullmoon-rise...or so we ...hope...and wish :))))))
I had some more "bad sea" pictures so I thought I should post them too, maybe this is the last one - at least the last taken with the film camera :)))
I'll try it with Pia too first chance I get, then see wich ones are better :)))))
Apr 12 2006 19:42 GMT jceca PRO
full moon with pia???!!!!!
be careful, my friend..... she's your new girl.... who knows what's on her mind!!!!!!
anyhow..... whatever you'll do, don't do at midnight!!!!!!!! :)) :))
Apr 12 2006 19:53 GMT dega25
great.....i`ll meet you at midnight
under the moon light
Apr 12 2006 20:35 GMT Snappa
Pia is learning very fast! Congratulations to her. Bet you cant keep your hands off her!
Apr 12 2006 22:00 GMT tata28
Apr 12 2006 22:02 GMT StavrosMoforis
ceca: I'll be VERY careful :))))))))))))
Apr 12 2006 22:03 GMT StavrosMoforis
Snappa: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Apr 12 2006 22:33 GMT Kriszti
imagine having a sun bath..bliss ... :))
Apr 12 2006 22:33 GMT aquiles PRO
Apr 13 2006 00:52 GMT bennystr
Awesome image!
Apr 13 2006 01:22 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful series!! You do the littoral arena so well!
Apr 13 2006 01:52 GMT lumaciel
Dear friend Stravos
I love your pics.
Apr 13 2006 04:13 GMT jeck
with all those sharpness and great colors...
no one can't resist this beautiful photos!!!
Apr 13 2006 05:12 GMT SHEHOU
superb shot & nice words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 13 2006 07:27 GMT hallo
Nice contrast, the solid rock and calm blue sea!
Apr 13 2006 09:14 GMT Levistrauss PRO
Maravilhosa cena!
Apr 13 2006 09:59 GMT lieke
poetic words...poetic and very, VERY beautiful image.....LOVE it

say hi to Pia for me eh.....
Apr 13 2006 11:23 GMT Vampira
Thanks brother!! =DDDD
My babies are so cute, indeed ^^
Hey, this place... imagine you, lonely in this place, listenning the sea song, all your photos make me feel like an angel in paradise! All the places that you put here are so wonderful, how you can?! You're lucky! Kisses from Brasil big brother!! =***
Apr 13 2006 11:54 GMT Satto
Great...BEAUTIFUL series....I love them all....:-)
Great word also...So poetic...:-)
You live on a great place...lucky you...in paradise of the sun..:-)
Thanks for sharing all this lovley images with us...thats make us lucky:-)
Apr 13 2006 14:16 GMT Riet
I love the colours of course, but the structures of those rocks........formidable!
Apr 13 2006 14:52 GMT korni
superb photo!
Apr 14 2006 03:26 GMT bojtorjan
Apr 15 2006 01:33 GMT Vibeka
Breathtaking view! So much gorgeous blue!
Apr 15 2006 10:23 GMT onichek
BIG WOW! Beautiful!!!
Apr 15 2006 23:49 GMT Poulet PRO
Beeeeeeeeeeautiful! :))
Apr 17 2006 12:21 GMT CAPRI
Jun 01 2006 13:40 GMT evelinzee
ohh....lucky you!!!!!!

...wonderful rocks...great contrasts with the quiet and peaceful sea...