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The last one from the beach
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 17 2006 16:06 GMT mateo
wooooooow, beautiful picture and place... where is this place?
Apr 17 2006 16:06 GMT rohtas
Awasome Blues!..... brilliant!
Apr 17 2006 16:06 GMT Issie
Beautiful colours, very nice photo.
Apr 17 2006 16:07 GMT lieke
saving the best for last....special.....soooo beautiful

love it !!!!!!!!!!
Apr 17 2006 16:15 GMT bennystr
Fabulous blue! Beautiful seascape!
Apr 17 2006 16:15 GMT fey
.....Gorgeous and awesome ....as always.....
Apr 17 2006 16:19 GMT Poulet PRO
What a VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 17 2006 16:31 GMT Olympe1961
So many graduations of deep blue, blue, green, turquoise, brown, beige, ivory.... a "bain de bonheur" : thank you my dear Stavros...
Apr 17 2006 20:26 GMT marjuska
Apr 17 2006 21:43 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Should be an advertisement for travel to Greece!! I want to go!
Apr 17 2006 22:41 GMT ahmetturker
WOW, Wonderful photo.!!
Apr 18 2006 01:51 GMT eshinobe
this is fantastic!!!
Apr 18 2006 05:51 GMT fredaH
oh gosh......hu hu hu...u make me missing greece soooo much!!!!..I love it..I love it so much!!
Apr 18 2006 06:00 GMT MonicaMagdi
god..why do i live in canada?! :(
Apr 18 2006 11:08 GMT Riet
I admire everything on this photo, but the clearness of the water where it meets the beach really grabs me! Do you enjoy your new camera, Stavros?
Apr 18 2006 11:41 GMT StavrosMoforis
@Riet: Yes, my dearest Riet! Most of all I enjoy the practicalities that come with digital photography! Up to now I'm quite happy with the choice I made!
Apr 18 2006 12:21 GMT pinko

Apr 18 2006 15:35 GMT StavrosMoforis
@pinko: yes, at least for now! I think I posted too many of the same place :)
Apr 18 2006 17:23 GMT emilqa
oh my...those amazing colors killing me...cause in poland we dont have such a wonderful light...You really live in a paradise;)
Apr 18 2006 19:02 GMT Archer
Last but not least…actually quite the opposite…Love this beach!!!
Apr 18 2006 22:22 GMT fawn
I can smell the air...thank you Stavros :)
Apr 20 2006 15:02 GMT CarolinaPareto
Very beautiful composition and colors!
Apr 20 2006 16:30 GMT BoSelecta PRO
Kalispera sou. Tikanis? Oraia thalassa
Apr 20 2006 18:57 GMT StavrosMoforis
@BS : Kalispera kai se sena ! Ti kaneis? Ego eimai poli kala! Efcaristo gia ta kala sou logia!
Apr 20 2006 19:17 GMT Vanhakuhju
Beautiful view!
Apr 20 2006 19:18 GMT RainyDay
paradise ..i love this photo it's gorgeous..:)
Apr 21 2006 02:56 GMT bojtorjan
I'd liket to bee there know! :-) Amazing capture!!!
Apr 21 2006 12:12 GMT LAphoto2006
Apr 27 2006 15:25 GMT evelinzee
...I hope theat this one is not the last one... This picture is more than perfect... ...the landscape..., the composition...the lights... all.
May 13 2006 22:03 GMT mp0255
very well composed and saturated!!!
watch out the horizon...
May 17 2006 11:52 GMT evelinzee
Soo... green and blue colours are your favorite ones...
I see. I can imagine, why...!!!!!!!!!!!
May 19 2006 15:38 GMT evelinzee
Hi Stavros! Thanks to CeterusParibus found an English translation attempt here:
May 19 2006 16:40 GMT StavrosMoforis
Thanks a lot Evelin! I really enjoyed the translation and the analysis, though I don't believe in analysing any piece of Art, poetry not excluded! Very intriguing, indeed!
Thank you so much again, it was very sweet and thoughtful of you! :))))
May 20 2006 11:05 GMT evelinzee
Hi Stavros!
I am glad that CeterusParibus helped me...and like the translation...as for the analysis... not the same enthusiasm here...I have read completely different interpretations too...that one on the http://us.geocities.com/p3073400/rimvoyelles.html... is still interesting but not my version!
Jun 11 2006 21:01 GMT ewusia
Greece... I love this country. I have spent two unforgetable weeks there.
Jun 12 2006 11:48 GMT StavrosMoforis
Glad to know you like Greece!
You are still young so you will get many chances to visit again in the future!
Jan 31 2007 11:58 GMT charlotte
wanna be there!
Jan 31 2007 12:06 GMT Curiousrhino
Splendid ! I want to be there !
Jan 31 2007 16:02 GMT larrybenedict
This is so beautiful, I have no words in my vocabulary to describe it.
May 01 2007 07:14 GMT eleni78 PRO
fantastiko ble tou ouranou kai tis thalassas! pio meros einai avto?
May 01 2007 10:54 GMT StavrosMoforis
Είναι κοντά στην Κερατέα, λέγεται ...Κακή Θάλασσα...!
May 01 2007 10:54 GMT StavrosMoforis
Είναι κοντά στην Κερατέα, λέγεται ...Κακή Θάλασσα...!
Jul 03 2007 10:41 GMT lupion
guauuuuuuu fantástica, trasmite paz y sosiego
Jul 03 2007 10:41 GMT lupion
me la llevo a favoritas
Jul 03 2007 11:06 GMT u40
beautiful foto , jest super!!!
Jan 01 2008 00:11 GMT Maurabia
looks unreal, but i really know this is Greece !
Jan 01 2008 11:32 GMT StavrosMoforis
it is very strange, but you know, this beach's name is ....: "bad sea" !!!!!!!