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A little blue tit! :)

Hurt my back on friday!
Didn't get much sympathy from my love.....lol!
Eventually she relented and gave me a massage, but it wasn't relaxing, it was agony!
Still stiff today, not looking forward to work tomorrow!

So...... spent today at my pc designing and uploading pics to my own website! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2010 15:37 GMT MichelleGriffin
Feel your pain, also put my back out yesterday again, think it was while rollerskating. Meh! Not sure if the computer is the best thing for a sore back haha.

Lovely picture, background nicely blurred. Cute little creatures :o)
Mar 28 2010 15:40 GMT SomersetDreams
Oh poor you!
At least you hurt yourself doing something fun! I hurt myself loading my van!
Yes, it's still painful at my computer, but i had a go at some gardening earlier and struggled to stand up!! lol
Mar 28 2010 15:42 GMT MichelleGriffin
Ouch! Gardening??!! You're really after the free massage aren't you ;oP

Take care of you ♥
Mar 28 2010 15:48 GMT codachrome
Very nice picture of a blue tit....hope your back gets better soon. yours too Michelle.
Mar 28 2010 16:01 GMT PaP67
all these delightfull views will ease your back pain !
bon rétablissement !
Mar 28 2010 16:06 GMT sini
Beautiful Blue Tit capture!:)
Mar 28 2010 16:12 GMT Annamaria
Great shot, Carl!

Maybe you can use a hot-water bottle for your back?? ;-))
Mar 28 2010 16:50 GMT Danijela
lovely bird and photo :)
Mar 28 2010 16:59 GMT Lensvision
Lovely shot.
Ouch, get well soon.
Mar 28 2010 18:47 GMT senna3
Magnificent capture!
Mar 28 2010 19:22 GMT elsje323
lovely bird
Mar 28 2010 19:24 GMT Tavascarow
Well we all seem to be strugling here at the mo.
I've restrained my shoulder bringing in the last of next winters firewood so you have my sympathy.
This bird on the other hand doesn't look like the winter has affected it at all.
Mar 28 2010 19:26 GMT flypete67
really nice pic of the blue tit,well composed
Mar 28 2010 20:26 GMT yvonNL
perfect shot
Mar 28 2010 20:50 GMT MargNZ
That it is no good Carl .. sounds like you have plenty of sympathy from FT friends.
Do you have wheat bags over there ?
This is a beautiful shot :)
Mar 28 2010 21:34 GMT superJoan
Such a lovely fluffy Blue Tit......love it a favourite....It seems aching backs are in fashion..I too pushed myself too hard in the garden and now am suffering...A hot bath..wheat bag and maybe a Brandy and Peppermint will do the trick....The drink is just for sympathy..by the way...
Mar 29 2010 08:51 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I can really identify with the back pain - hope you recover quickly!

Beautiful shot!!
Mar 29 2010 11:04 GMT doramandragora
What a sweetie and how nicely you captured it. :-)
Take good care of your back... be gentle to yourself.
Mar 29 2010 15:20 GMT bandsix
I think bending over a PC uploading to fotothing is doing for most of our backs....I'm just the same, and a total pain in the neck, too....
Mar 29 2010 16:40 GMT cdc PRO
lovely close-up
Mar 29 2010 20:37 GMT megmet PRO
Think you should show us a photo of your hurting back Carl...it might not help you but it would help all of us ladies on here! ;-))
Mar 30 2010 09:07 GMT spideyj
Mar 30 2010 19:00 GMT SomersetDreams
lol Meg!!!
Think i will keep covered up from now on, don't want to be known as the Streaker again!! ;)
Mar 31 2010 10:54 GMT bluefam
so cute.
Mar 31 2010 20:17 GMT lynnj04
Thats weird tho both me and my husband have put our backs out in the last month and still in pain, hope yours gets better soon, Lovely capture of the little blue tit, x :-))
Apr 01 2010 22:55 GMT rosyapple PRO
Hey little fella! Lovely!
Apr 03 2010 10:16 GMT jilalikar
Belle image, le fond bien floue.
Apr 04 2010 20:39 GMT bennystr
Excellent capture Carl, well done!
Apr 07 2010 18:57 GMT Zodyak
Very beautiful shot!!!
May 16 2010 19:25 GMT bifedecoelho
Very great!
Jan 17 2013 00:39 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Love it! Fave.