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Stood on a rock in the East Lyn river at Lynmouth, North Devon.

Lynmouth suffered a terrible tragedy in August 1952 when 2 days of rain of tropical intensity fell on the high ground of Exmoor leading to devastating flooding.....Overnight, over 100 buildings were destroyed or seriously damaged along with 28 of the 31 bridges, and 38 cars were washed out to sea. In total, 34 people died, with a further 420 made homeless.

It's hard to imagine now, the village is so serene and beautiful!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 22 2010 18:49 GMT elsje323
great portrait and view
Apr 22 2010 18:51 GMT sini
Great place for a portrait!:)
Apr 22 2010 19:00 GMT sayalio
Fantastic place!!!
Apr 22 2010 19:14 GMT jmcdh
Great shot. looks like the kind of place i would like
Apr 22 2010 20:05 GMT Jakeobean
Carl....great photograph...Great but sobering narrative......nature has a way of creating respect.......
Apr 22 2010 22:11 GMT MargNZ
Hello me .. great photo Magenta :)
Sad story of Lynmouth . I was in Boscastle just before it received the same fate in 2004.
Apr 23 2010 02:41 GMT potterjo
Never underestimate the power of water and mother nature. Looks like a lovely place.
Apr 23 2010 06:52 GMT Elise
Be carefull sweety...don't get washed by that river! :))
Apr 23 2010 08:49 GMT skyball
Lovely shot S.D...I remember being on the back seat of a coach trying to negotiate a bend at the top of countisbury hill hanging over the edge of the cliff ...frightened the skids out of me.!!!!!.
Apr 23 2010 09:09 GMT abojovna PRO

I agree full with potterjo! Hello!
Apr 23 2010 10:41 GMT SomersetDreams
lol Skyball, i know what you mean! No fence or barrier and a long long drop down to the rocks below!! Scary!
Apr 23 2010 11:00 GMT Papagena
Hello nice to see you again !! Indeed nature has its own laws, we have experienced it during the last days and will do in future !!
Apr 23 2010 15:12 GMT SIGMUND
great shot and view!!!!!!!!
Apr 23 2010 15:30 GMT tegra
Well, you wisely chose quite a large rock ! Being an "oldie" I remember the newspaper coverage and the shocking pictures of the Lynmouth tragedy very clearly. It must have been truly devastating for the people living there.
Apr 23 2010 18:40 GMT poshbird
Lovely shot Carl.....................love the vastness of nature!!
A very tragic story of how nature can also destroy lifes!
Have a lovely weekend dear friend.....................enjoy this gorgeous weather!
Apr 23 2010 18:51 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful shot and spot you found there ;-)))
Apr 23 2010 18:54 GMT Lensvision
Great shot!
Apr 23 2010 20:58 GMT Danijela
What a lovely place to take a photo, take care...
Apr 24 2010 02:26 GMT verarenm
Wonderful place and nice to meet you here! Hello, Carl!
Apr 24 2010 12:58 GMT SaoPaulo
Magenta was the photographer, I think...:-)
Hi Dream, a nice place to be. I like the angle and the elegant frame!
Apr 24 2010 17:40 GMT bennystr
Just excellent!
Apr 25 2010 17:40 GMT charlie26
Great place and shot.
Apr 26 2010 00:47 GMT rosyapple PRO
I love these rocky rivers, leaping from rock to rock is a favourite pastime of mine.