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Happy Anniversary to my darling!!!
15 years together today!!

She was so cute as a child, and she's just as cute now!! :))

We've had so many wonderful times together, we've also had some very tough times, but our love is so strong....unbreakable! :)

She is truly an amazing woman, so beautiful inside and out! Totally unselfish, she always thinks of others before herself.... very hard working...she never stops!! She's kind, honest and loyal, she's also very funny...... one of the great things we share is the same very stupid sense of humour!!! :))

Even more amazing....... she loves ME!! Despite all my faults...... 15 years ago she left her whole life behind....her home, her job, her family and all her friends....to come and live with me in Somerset!! How many people would do that?!!

I know i'm the luckiest man in the world! :))

Happy Anniversary my darling.....i love you so much and always will!! xxxx
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 13 2010 19:10 GMT martini957
So precious....wonderful heartfelt emotions for your darling....Happy Anniversary to you & Nick (Magenta)
Apr 13 2010 19:10 GMT Annamaria
Happy Anniversary to the two of you!! ;-))
Apr 13 2010 19:25 GMT bandsix
you can see the strength of character in her young face....lovely!
Apr 13 2010 19:31 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful words of love! Happy Anniversary!
Apr 13 2010 20:33 GMT Danijela
What a sweet face!:)
Apr 13 2010 20:40 GMT euanaoliveira
Happy Anniversary !!!
Apr 13 2010 21:03 GMT MargNZ
Congratulations to you both ... having a sense of humour is everything !
Nick you were a sweet child and obviously knew what you wanted out of life :)
Apr 13 2010 23:29 GMT dorman PRO
Very cute, S...............
Apr 13 2010 23:52 GMT LizSA
So beuatiful ... and wishing you many more happy years...... it is good if one can be friends and love and laugh for the same jokes... . !!!
Apr 14 2010 02:13 GMT MCCCXIV
happy 15th and may you have many more happy ones in the future too :-)
Apr 14 2010 05:13 GMT losp
Congratulations & Happy Wonderful 15th Anniversary !
Apr 14 2010 06:00 GMT poshbird
Happy anniversary Carl and Nick.....................Wishing you many more happy years together. :-)

Just like bandsix I can see the strength of character in young Nicks face too, keep up that fire dear Nick. :-) XX
Apr 14 2010 06:54 GMT Papagena
I can only agree with all comments !! Happy anniversary and enjoy the next 50 years together !! ;+))
Apr 14 2010 15:24 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful scan, Happy anniversary my friends ;-)))
Apr 14 2010 17:15 GMT Lensvision
Happy Anniversary!!!!
Apr 14 2010 18:43 GMT hans55 PRO
already cute as kid !! :-))
many years with all the luck my friends !! :-)
Apr 14 2010 18:43 GMT ujbanyiv
Very Nice Children Portrait.
Apr 14 2010 19:00 GMT dougrun PRO
Brilliant tribute to your love!
Apr 14 2010 19:26 GMT sini
Apr 14 2010 20:53 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Happy Anniversary to you both! Lovely portrait of Nick as a child - what stunning red hair she had!
Apr 15 2010 21:48 GMT rosyapple PRO
Butter wouldn't melt...haha! Looks very mischievous!
Apr 19 2010 23:36 GMT megmet PRO
It's the tough times that make you stronger as a couple....hope you have much laughter and many more happy years ahead.

Happy Anniversary to you both. xx
Apr 20 2010 13:26 GMT LisaSam67
Happy Anniversary!
Apr 23 2010 21:00 GMT Bellavista
Happy Anniversary!! This is true love! ;-)